Bubba is an energetic African-american that plays football but unfortunately for him, because of his enrolment in football, he does not have time to study leading to bad grades and bad S.A.T. scores. Bob on the other hand has a 4.3 G.P.A. and received a 1600 on his S.A.T.’s. He is head of his class and involved with A.S.B. and is on the Varsity Tennis team. He knows how to manage his time and is a very persistent and well-mannered teen. Both Bubba and Bob have applied to Fullerton College at the same time and they both came out of the same high school. A week after the college looks at both of their applications, they send out notice to both of them; Bubba has been accepted to the college and Bob has been declined as a direct result of the enforcement of affirmative action. Through affirmative action, Caucasians get discriminated and treated unfair which undoes all of America’s movement towards equal rights. Thus, colleges should remove all affirmative action from their school.
It is true that minorities will be given the opportunity to get an education, however affirmative action would cause more problems and answer less problems. An example of this would be that minorities would be given opportunities based on race and not on knowledge. Proof of this would be when an African-american with a low G.P.A. and a low S.A.T. score applies to a college and gets accepted over a Caucasian that has a high G.P.A. and a high S.A.T. scores. Affirmative action has made this situation possible by discriminating people and accepting only certain people into colleges regardless of their ability and grades. This situation shows that Caucasians will not be given a fair chance to get into college. Another problem that would be caused is that affirmative action would undo years of equal rights. Specifically, this law would base people purely on race and not on knowledge. When people apply for college, the college would act racist towards Caucasians. Example such as these shows how racism would be put into play causing major problems.
Although standards are still applied to college applicants while affirmative action is in effect, the standards to get in are lowered greatly. For instance, high grades will no longer be essential to be accepted into college. This would be shown when a minority has applied to a college with bad grades but is a star football player, the college will accept him on a football scholarship regardless of how bad his grades are. With grades no longer being and essential part to getting into college, it leads to standards to get into college being lowered. Another case would be when someone applies to a college and are admitted regardless of their school and police records. Specifically, students may have been in numerous fights, been arrested many times, and participated in many illegal actions but as a direct result of affirmative action, the college will accept the student. Thus resulting in lowered standards for college applicants.
Finally, the reputation of the school enforcing affirmative action would not be worthy of noticing. An example of how the schools reputation would become bad is due to overcrowding. This is shown if more people are accepted regardless of their grades, too many people will eventually be admitted to the school causing overcrowding. Overcrowding will lead to people not wanting to go to that college giving the college a bad reputation. Another case where a school would receive a bad reputation would be when the majority of the college are delinquents. This would occur when the screening process for incoming students is eliminated and anyone is accepted to the college. Many minorities may be in gangs and cause a lot of trouble. An interested applicant may visit a college campus and notice the groups of delinquents and give the school a bad reputation. The last thing that can cause a school to receive a bad reputation is the appearance of the school. In this case, a school would appear bad after students vandalise and tag on it. If students are not screened and there are delinquents and gangs attending a college, they will cause the appearance of the school to look drab and dirty. This would result in the