Brunei Darussalam
This is a report on Brunei. Brunei's full name is Nation of Brunei. In Malay it's called Negara
Brunei Darusslam. The sultan in Brunei has over 33 billion dollars, but the country itself is very small. It is
the richest country in the world. The sultan has over 200 cars and over 800 rooms in his palace. The yellow
color on the flag repersents the royal family. This report is filled with many more interesting facts about
Brunei and has many different topics such as Geography, History, Special Attractions plus many more

Brunei is located on the Northern Coast of Borneo. The latitude is 4 52'N and the longitude is
115'00E. Brunei borders on Malaysia and other neighboring countries are Indonesia, Singapore and the
Phillipines. The total area of Brunei is miles). Brunei is divided into two enclaves. An
enclave is when a country is split in two and seperated by a piece of land. The major water around the coast
of Brunei is the South China Sea.

Brunei has a warm tropical climate. The average precipitation is 11.7 inches. The average high is
87.3 degrees Fahrenheit and the average low is 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The average annual temperature is
about 26.7 degrees celceus. Rain fall is heavy from November to March, this is called the monsoon season.

There are many tropical rainforests that are very dense and cover much of the land.

Most of the rivers and streams flow north towards the coast, including the Belait river.

The highest point in Brunei is Pagon Proik, It is 185m (6070ft). There are many swamps in Brunei
that are found, mostly in the west and northeast part of the country. Brunei is not very mountainous.

The main natural resources are natural gas and petroleum. Other natural resources are fish and
timber. If you drive along the Tutong road you can see long stretchs of white sands that look like snow. The
white sand are deposits of silica sand that reserves about 20 million tons. The sand is great for glass-making
and for computer chips.

Common animals of Brunei are lions, monkeys, birds and reptiles.

The most beautiful mosque is the Sultan Omar Ali Saifuddin Mosque. Building of the Sultan
Omar Ali Saifuddins mosque began construction in 1954 and the mosque was completed in 1958. This
mosque is named after the twenty-eighth Sultan. The main hall of the mosque is 255 feet long and 85 feet
wide. The dome on the mosque is made with twenty-four carat gold tiles. It's dome is covered by over three
million pieces of Venetian mosaic. Materials from around the world were also used including Italian
marble for the floors, Shanghai granite were used for the outside walls , chandeliers and stained glass
windows from England and carpets from Saudi Arabia and Belgium. Next to the dome is the 166 feet high
minaret which gives you a full view of Kampong Ayer. The Lapau or the Hall of Audience is used for
special occasions, and in 1968 the sultan was crowned in this building. There is a new park called Jurotong
park, it just opened last year.

The largest mall in Brunei is the Yohan mall. This mall is in Bandar town, but it is owned by
Japanese. Brunei is famous for the water village in Kampong Ayer.
Education is provided in Malay, English and Chinese. The literacy rate is about seventy-eight
percent. In primary schools there are one hundred fifty-nine schools, two thousand nine hundred twelve
teachers and forty-nine thousand three hundred sixteen students. In secondary school there are twenty-
seven schools, two thousand eighty-four teachers and twenty-one thousand five hundred seventy students.
In Third level schools there are one school, one hundred sixty-nine teachers and nine hundred and thirty-
five students. Schooling is free.
Brunei's population in 1993 was 450000 . The population of Bandar Seri Begawan is 52000.
Seria's population is 24000. Kuala Belait's population is 19000.

Soccer is the most popular sport in Brunei. Top spinning is a major sport at any special occasion.
Food in Brunei is also imported because there is not enough grown for self sufficient. Clothes are
mostly imported. The girls wear a baju-gurong and a tudong on theri head, the boys wear a songkok. The
tudong and songkok are a must