Breastfed Babies:

Get sick less often and get illnesses that are less severe
Are hospitalized less often and have a lower rate of mortality
Have a lower risk of diarrheal disease
Have a lower incidence of gastrointestinal illness
Lave a lower incidence of respiratory disease
Have a lower incidence of otitis media (ear infections)
Have a lower incidence of allerfies
Lave lower rates of obesity
Have a lower incidence of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS)
Have fewer learning and behavioral difficulties
Have a lower rate of pneumonia and neonatal sepsis


Helps bond mother and child
Confers passive immunity
Is protective against measles and other communicable diseases
Provides optimal growth and neurological development
Prevents malocclusion / leads to better teeth / jaw development
Protects against hypothermia
Provides partial protection against bacteremia and meningitis
Reduces the incidence of childhood lymphoma
Enhances visual development
Provides protection against neonatal sepsis
Is less risky for premature babies and low birth weight babies

Artificially fed babies (bottle feeding)

Have an increase risk factor for juvenile diabetes
May have impaired antibody response to vaccines