Brave New World

Could you imagine living in a time where everything you knew was perfect. The weather, the animals, and your perception of yourself are all perfect. The world in which you know is controlled by an almighty being, you know nothing but what you are told. This is the world of Adam and Eve living in the Garden of Eden at the very beginning of human beings existence. However this reality all came to a crashing end when Eve and Adam decided to take a bite from the apple off the tree of knowledge and causing them to be thrown out by God, only to experience hunger, death, and hard work. One must wonder why they would destroy such a lovely, even perfect life. The Bible says it was the devil in the form of a snake that convinced them to do it. Or could the answer be from human nature to desire corruption or unhappiness? Could Eve have felt that life was too good in the Garden of Eden, that she must have knowledge and understanding even it if were evil and sadness? After reading Brave New World, by Aldous Huxley and discussing it, is it apparent that many people feel that life needs to be upsetting in order to appreciate or value the happy times. Contrary to popular belief, the question is asked: “ Why shouldn’t we have a good or pleasant day everyday?

The answer is simply, most people are the “Johns,” “Eves,” or even the devil himself about their own life; they value the freedom of thought. The want to gain knowledge for the ability to experience a variety of things and with that comes despair, sadness, hurting, disease, jealously, greed, and lust. John, in this novel, wanted to experience arts and science and self-control, he wanted his mind to be aware all of those aspects; while Eve wanted to the thought of knowing and being aware; the devil wanted his freedom to think of corruption and evilness. Thomas Paine once said “I think therefore I am,” could this be interpreted as need to feel like a person through thought. This is almost to say that a person cannot feel like a being unless they have wisdom. This could explain how the mentally handicapped people are guided through life, in the belief that they cannot be there own person. They live blissful in ignorance and everyday is suppose to be a pleasant easy day.

However the problem has arising again, with the loss of a Garden of Eden there was a gain in A.F. 632 of a brave new world. Done now, not solely on the power of God, but with the help of improved techniques of suggestion, development in the anatomy of human differences, a drug for any mild rough times, and a foolproof system of eugenics. This should be the greatest time in human history, but people like Benard, who can enjoy this world, feel that life shouldn’t be so easy. People in our life have searched for stability all the time, in work, relationships, socially, and even in their religious beliefs. But in doing so they have gotten stressed out, jealous, hopeless, angry, and even more insecure. By simply fixing how people live in their world and their thinking all those side effects are wiped away. Only then is the community left with nothing but the pure, which will allow the community to grow and since everyone is trying to gain that stability why should not everyone have them.

Sadly, the truth is that ultimate happiness can never be achieved. If one’s thinking is that something has to be wrong in order for nice things to be appreciated, universal happiness cannot happen. This way of thinking should be altered in believing that everyday can be good with the belief that the next day can be better. Only with this thinking in mind can that level of happiness be obtained. I like the World Controller feel that some things lost for the price of happiness are worth it. Of all things to go the first would be science, the form of human torture needs to be destroyed. We all know that once you learn the question to one answer in science it only arises