Brad Jordan
Paper #5
Section 6

In the past few years animated television shows have become more popular. The characters that the artists create are just as lifelike as any television sitcom. Why do these animated shows draw such a following? There seems to be a trend that is now up and coming. The expense of these shows is competitive with any other sitcom. The artist and producers can create any type of look or theme with these animated characters. The animations are family oriented. These types of animated shows are easy to marketable to the public. Animated television shows may be the new big craze in the future.
One of the reasons that animation is on the rise may be due to the cost of making the shows. When making animated shows there are certain shortcuts that can be taken to save time and money. After drawing each character and background they can be entered into a computer (Jones 5). This now saves time when it comes to making the next episode. The artists donít lose any quality and it is still their work being used. Another good thing is that you donít need to build new sets. There still is the task of getting actors to due the voices of the cartoons. Most of the time people like a new challenge and are willing to work cheaper. In some of the best sitcoms actors begin to get to greedy. For example Sienfeld turned out to be really popular. The actors in turn wanted one million dollars an episode. Animated shows may be popular but they will never be that big. During the season animated shows still have cameos. This way people can still have the big name actors and not the big time payroll. The PJs are a new clamation television series. In all fairness this type of animation may take more time and funds. They also have a high priced actor in Eddie Murphy. Overall animation is just as economical as anything else is.
In animation artist can create any look they are going for. They have a wide canvass of ideas to utilize. The artists can use normal computer animation or clamation.
Throughout the PJs series I have noticed why it is nice to have this type of medium. In one show for example Thurgood the father in the PJs series. He begins to cry so the tear slowly falls to his cheek. Thurgood realizes this and sucks it back into his eye. This is easily done because of the clay used. In animated series they tend to make more animals come to life. In the Family Guy the dog is one of the main characters. This canine does more than his fare share of talking to other pets as well as people. In real life sitcoms people may wait on the weather. In animation there are no setbacks. The artists can go to any extremes with colors of objects or even the characters involved. These examples are some reasons why animated series have become more fun and popular.
Animated television series are easy to market. This is a good way to get free publicity for your show. It is simple to get children to watch animated shows because they already watch cartoons. This makes it easier to appeal to their needs. The Simpsons series has a whole line of apparel for children through adult. They also have Simpsons dolls, bumper stickers, and posters for sale. It is always nice when animated characters make cameos like in the SuperBowl, Thanksgiving-day parade, and Jeopardy. This way the television shows get free publicity. A new clamation series on the block is The PJs This series is taking sales and marketing to new heights. The Simpsons may have had their own renditions of Christmas carols and the blues. The PJs have their own soundtrack out now. Marketers gathered a group of young rappers together and recorded it (Nelson 68). The series is about a black family living in the ghetto. The singers of the CD and the series go hand in hand. The Rugrats is another animated series that is easily marketable. In Burger King they have Rugrats watches that can b purchased. Just out is the Rugrats movie. All of these animated