Bosnia:We Are All Neighbors Reaction
The war in Bosnia was very hard on the common people. People who had been neighbors
for years became enemies and even families were divided. People had a hard time getting to work
and many couldnít even attempt to go to work. Most of the schools are closed, and the children
are sent to areas that their parents hope are safer to live with other family members. In the
background there is the constant sound of shooting and bombs. The men occupy their time by
chopping wood. The population is made up of 2/3 Muslim and 1/3 Catholic. The war is basically
the Croats and the Muslims against the Serbs. There is a lot of uncertainty among the people
about the possible peace plans, so they watch the news a lot to see any new developments. There
is a rule that only 3 men can gather in a public place at one time. Most men have a gun in at home
from being part of the Yugoslavian reserves. In the past Bosnia had traditionally been an
integrated and now it was being divided. Even a 40 year friendship came to a halt in the war.
The people had to leave their villages and homes and many spent days in hiding. The village was
blocked off and nobody was allowed back in. In the village virtually all of the Muslim home were
either burned or vandalized. The Catholic homes were by and large ok.
It is amazing how the war separated people who knew each other for years and had been
good friends. Itís funny how a war affects people like that. Even dividing families over
something that seems so trivial. It is very unfortunate that people who have been living together
in peace need to fight a horrible bloody war. There is an overwhelming feeling of wanting to go
in there and get them to stop and sort things out for them to stop the fighting, but the United
States canít go around and stop all wars because we donít know their traditions and we probably
donít understand their culture well enough to be able to get a good compromise. I think that in
just about all cases conflicts that result in war could be resolved without any fighting. After all
most fighting only ends up in a lot of dead and injured people until enough are dead that both
sides will talk. Itís not good that that is how humans deal with conflict way too often.