Book Review: "An Enemy of The People"

Book Review 1

Indignation is a motivating force behind many pre- and post- industrial revolution works. An Enemy of the People is a fine
example of how protest was made in the days when this was the entertainment medium seen by the most people just as
television is today or when social forces such as nationalism made outright criticism unwise. event in a society there is a rush
of people who try to create the first piece of liturature or, play or, first movie(today) which captures the change that this
event brought down onto society. This rule also holds true for the play An Enemy of the People which was first written in An
"Enemy of The People" is a play which describes the role of a doctor's family in a small post industrial revolution town.

As the play begins there are many charicters introduced, they are in the residence of the play's main charicter, Dr.Thomas
Stockman who is the town doctor and the leader of the opposition against the town baths which the town put up at great
public expense as a means of generating capital for the town and townsfolk. Dr. Stockman is not at all in favor of the baths
however for they were poorly concieved and mismanaged all the way through due to the ineptitude of the towns leaders and
must now be repaired at a crippling charge to the community. This is not the biggest problem however Dr. Stockman believes
that the biggest problem is that the baths were built upon a rotton base, That of public opinion, because his beliefs are that the
majority is never right and here they are deciding the fate of the town with a handfull of corrupt, inept leaders to sway their
opinion for their own gains. The Dr. decides that he will take his critisisms to the town meeting so he will be able to inform
everyone as to his feelings no matter what the consequenses to himself for he feels that he is right. Unfortunately the
townspeople do not warmly receive his criticism and eject him from the meeting. Subsequently he looses his home and
practice due to the same feelings of hostility from the masses and everyone's fear of haveing to face them. This play brings
to life the fears and distrust fo the masses which any "civilized" or "educated" person would have in this post industrial
system. The masses at this time were little more than a group of newly arrived uneducated workers whose feelings were
very easily manipulated and whose group mentality had not very long ago caused the revolutions which swept over europe