Book Report on The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath, by John Steinbeck is a book that describes the journey of the Joad Family to California, and the hardships that they encounter when they get there. The Joads set out on this journey in hopes of finding a better life, not knowing the harsh reality of what was to come.
In the beginning of the book, Tom Joad comes home from prison only to find that his house has been deserted. Muley Graves tells Tom that his family is at his Uncle Johnís house. Tom and Jim Casy, the ex-preacher that he just met, head to Uncle Johnís. When they get there they find out that the family had been driven away by the dust bowl, and are planning to move to California where they could get a good job and a nice white house.
The Joad Family, along with Jim Casy, head for California. On the long difficult journey, Grandma and Grandpa both die. Several different people warn the family that California is a terrible place. But they press onward, refusing to believe that California isnít what they thought it would be. The Joadís lives back home had been destroyed by the dust and they only had one chance at a good future. California was that chance.
When the Joads reached California, the tribulations that they would face became evident. All of the migrants face prejudice from the Californians. They are unable to find jobs, and begin to starve. They are forced to stay in government camps and search for jobs. A cop kills Casy with a pick handle, and then Tom grabs the weapon and kills the cop.
The Joads find work for a while, but it soon begins to flood, and the work is gone again. Rosasharn has a baby, but it dies. Uncle john, who was given the task of burying the baby, instead lets it float away in the stream.
While the Joads wade through deep water, Ma spots a barn up on a hill. They go into the barn and find a boy with his starving father. Rose of Sharon nurses the man.
I really enjoyed The Grapes of Wrath, because it showed manís journey through life, and how man must continue even in the face of adversity. In Chapter Three Steinbeck describes a land turtle making its journey across a desolate highway to illustrate this. The turtle is hindered by ants, hills, and oak seeds under his shell. It is hit by a truck and sent flying off the highway; but the turtle struggles back to itís belly and keeps driving towards itís goal, just as the Joads kept driving toward their goal.