Book One
I was a son to my father...
And he taught me and said to me,
"Let your heart hold fast my words...."

Chapter 1

Setting: Brooklyn (during depression), Reuven's baseball field

Characters: Reuven Malter, Danny Saunders, Mr. Galanter

Summary: Reuven's school has a baseball game against Danny's. Reuven does not have a
good first impression of Danny. When Danny has a short talk with Reuven he insults his
team and then and there a small war is started between the two teams. When the game is
almost at it's end and Reuven's team is winning he is brought up to pitch. When Danny
comes up to bat he almost kills Danny. His swing was aimed right at Reuven's head and
nails him. Reuven's team loses and he is rushed to the hospital by his coach, Mr. Galanter.

Chapter 2

Setting: Brooklyn Memorial Hospital

Characters: Tony Savo, Billy, Reuven's father, Dr. Snydman

Summary: Reuven was rushed to the hospital with a terrible pain in his left eye. Two doctors
looked at him and then called the eye speciaslist Dr. Snydman. He was taken to another
room where he passed out. When he woke up he found a patch on his left eye. In the
hospital he met Tony Savo a proffessional boxer who had had an eye injured in the ring, and
Billy, who was completely blind. When Reuven's father came to see him he found out that
the baseball had broken his glasses and a peice of galss had been lodged in his left eye,
and had had to be operated on. His father was very sick because he was very worried about
Reuven. He was worried that the scar tissue might grow over his pupil and he might never be
able to see out of that eye again. His father gave him his skullcap, tefillin, and prayerbook
then he left. Reuven started thinking about being blind.

Chapter 3

Setting: Hospital

Summary: When Reuven woke up in the morning everyone was excited about D-day, the
invasion had finally begun. That day Danny came to see him and Reuven kicked him out.
Later, after supper, his father came to see him and told reuven how foolish he had been to
kick Danny out. The next day Danny came back to see him, and this time Reuven let him
talk. Danny told Reuven how he had wanted to kill Reuven, and how he didn't understand
why. They chatted for a while and then Danny had to leave.

Chapter 4

Setting: Hospital

Summary: A few minutes after Danny leaves, Reuven's father comes in looking very sick and
tells him that Dr. Snydman is going to check his eye on Friday. His father tells him to
become friends with Danny. Later Mr. Savo tells him to watch out for Danny. That night
Reuven wakes up to find a curtain around Mr. Savo's bed. He goes back to sleep. The next
morning the curtain is still around Mr. Savo's bed. Later Danny comes to visit and they start
talking about being Rabbi's and reading books. Danny tells Reuven how a man at the library
has been helping him find books. Later Reuven's father comes to see him, and Reuven and
Danny find out that he was the man at the library. When Danny and Reuven's father leave
Reuven goes back to his bed and finds a curtain around Billy's bed too. The next day when
Reuven wakes up he is greeted by Mr. Savo. He tells him that his eye was hurt playing ball
with Mickey. Reuven also finds that Billy is gone. It is Friday and Dr. Snydman checks
Reuven's eye. He is alright and has to come back in ten days. When Reuven leaves the
hospital with his father, he finds out that Billy had been operated on, and Mr. Savo had to
get his eye out.

Book Two
Silence is good everywhere, except
in connection with Torah.
-The Zohar

Chapter 5

Setting: Reuven's apartment

Characters: Manya

Summary: When Danny comes home he is greeted by Manya (his Russian housekeeper) who
had made him a feast. After eating he roams around the apartment looking at everything
with more life. He remembers Danny.

Chapter 6

Setting: Reuven's apartment

Summary: Reuven's father tells him the story of Hasidism and tells him to befriend Danny.

Chapter 7

Setting: Reuven's Synagogue, Reuven's apartment, Danny's Synagogue

Characters: Reb Saunders, Levi Saunders

Summary: In the morning Reuven and his father go to their synagogue. When Reuven gets
back to his apartment he falls asleep and is later awakened by Danny who takes him to his
synagogue. Reuven