“Body Behavior”
Sociology paper

Guayaquil - Ecuador




o Introduction
o What’s Body Behavior?
o Body Behavior in Business
o Body Behavior dictionary
o Interviews
o Conclusion
o Bibliography

1. Introduction. -
Body language is the behaviors expressed by a person, even if it’s masking what he really feels in an unconscious level is transmitting the truth and can’t be hidden with words.

Language is classified in verbal and non-verbal and the verbal language is only 7% of the message we transmit and the behavior and non-verbal part of the message constitutes 93% of the message.

Knowing the right way to read body language and send it could be a right start in our love, business and everyday life.

Although kinesics and body behavior are proved and accountable sciences, to really understand these sciences you have to know the facts about the person that is sending you the message.

The most common mistake is to assume that a person is doing some kind of expression that to us has some meaning, but it might be for some other reasons too.

Body Behavior is a way to approach human beings to better understandings and the total understanding of the message sent in any language.

That’s why we thought that this subject would be a really good guide to follow an introduction to success.

o What’s Body Behavior?
Body behavior are certain patterns that complements our verbal language and transmit what you really want to send as a message.

Body Behavior is studied by a science called Kinesics and it studies movements of the face, arms, legs, posture, the general movement of the body and to define what do we really mean by each movement.

There are more than 700.000 movements that a human body does and none of them are involuntary movements.

Through studies it has been found that through the eyes we can tell a lot of things, people wants, likeness, dislikes, etc.

It’s known by a fact that a pupil of a person gets bigger when it sees something that calls its attention.

Merchants in Turkey through their marketing knowledge have taken advantage of that fact and now they have learned that by looking at their costumers eyes they can actually see whether they wanted to buy that product and how interested they were in acquiring the referred product and they as don’t want to be caught in the same method that they use wear dark sunglasses to prevent other people to know their real intentions of selling them at higher prices.

Body Behavior consists of varies variables such as touch, space, masking, looks, mood, culture, etc.

Let’s make a small explanation of these variables.


There are times that in order to be understand and you are not getting through with verbal communication it all comes down to touch, the physical contact can change peoples perception and make them see what we want them to see.

People that we are allowed to touch are those that belong to a primary group and understand our ways; the only way of touching in other groups that are socially allowed is in salutations.

If spoken language is stripped away and the only thing left is body language what is left is our movement and more important touch.


Space is what people perceive to be rightfully ours since the beginning of time we have needed to control some areas to called them ours and we have established some boundaries to let people come close to us, but not as much.

There was a study in some jail in United States that divided the study in two kinds of groups, violent inmates and non-violent inmates.

The violent inmates after some studies demonstrated that they had twice the personal space needed by the non-violent criminals and those were some of the reasons why did they committed the crimes that they committed.

Space is something so needed by us that we couldn’t forget about even in our own house we separate everything and have our own zones clearly defined so no one else can take our space without our permission.


Masking is the way a human being try to hide their real sentiments, truths, feelings, beliefs by some forced corporal positions that tries to mislead us into thinking that they are thinking some way, but in reality they are thinking another totally different way.

Only a true kinesics scientist that have studied