Bobo & Oscar

One day Bobo (a cute adorable seal with a colorful hat with a spinner on the top of it) went out to play. He visited every ones house to see if they wished to play with him. Everyone hated Bobo because they thought he was ugly and not cool, so they didn't want to. Bobo was feeling very melancholy after everyone had turned him down. He swam home with tears pouring out of his eyes and all most couldn't see where he was going. This had caused him to lock himself in is bedroom for three days straight only coming out to eat.
After Bobo eventually came out of his house he saw someone or something he had never seen before. As it got closer Bobo eventually made out the object. It was a shark from the Mediterranean Sea. This made Bobo very curious to go and meet this shark. He eventually got close enough to talk to the shark. "Hi my name is Bobo, what's your name," questioned Bobo. "Shut-up you puny little seal. I can just tell by looking at you I don't like you," yelled the shark. "How can you judge me when you don't even know who I am," asked Bobo curiously. "I can just know, now get out of my way your wasting my time," demanded the shark. Again Bobo had swam home feeling just miserable.
The next day Bobo went to all the houses again to see if anyone would come out, but expecting the same outcome. However today would be different for Bobo the seal. Today Bobo met another leopard seal his age named Harry. They played night and day all the time. Eventually they had become best friends and played even more and traveled places together. They would do things that normal friends would do and no different. After a while other animals started to see this happening. When they realized that everything was all right they also played with Bobo. The shark had seen this from where he was and started to feel a little jealous. Bobo had become very happy that he had started to make all these friends.
Bobo saw the shark in the water doing nothing and decided to give him another chance. One bright and sunny morning Bobo paid a visit to the big gray and white shark. "Would you like to play with me mr. Shark," asked Bobo. "When I saw you playing with all the others I felt a little jealous and realized you were ok," explained the shark. "Well most of the time I wanted to play with you, but I figured you didn't want to," said Bobo with a joyful tear in his eye. "Well we can play now if you would like," questioned the shark. "OK," said Bobo very excited. "I never caught your name," asked Bobo with a smile. "My name is Oscar, nice to meat you," said Oscar with a glee. The two animals played for the whole day until there moms called them in to eat.

"Don't judge a book by its cover"