Bless the Beasts and Children

Introductory Paragraph
What parallels did the author draw between the plight of the buffalo and the boys? I was able to come up with several different conclusions by brainstorming and thinking of different incidents that happen throughout the book. I found out that Bless the Beasts and Children had much more than a couple parallels. It was a book about six boys who get sent to camp and are known as the "Bed Wettters" for they are considered to be the losers of the camp. One day they see buffalo being killed and slaughtered and feel it is the most disgusting and horrible thing they have ever seen. The group decides to leave camp and set out for a journey to save more buffalo from being killed. A series of events cause the boys and the buffaloes to grow up and to lose their naivete.

The buffalo and the boys were both unwanted. Most of the boy's parents just sent them away so they could be away from them and maybe to learn some discipline. The boys were definitely unwanted at camp to. Everybody thought they were nobodies-even the camp counselors. They were treated like garbage and uncared for. The buffalo as well were unwanted. In the people's minds, the only thing they were good for was entertainment and fun. The shooters didn't care what happened to the buffalo. As long as the buffalo they shot died, it made their day.
Information on Boy's Life
In order for the boys to become anything at camp , they had to overcome an obstacle or an oppressive force. They weren't even taken seriously to the smallest degree until they beat the Navajo tribe back to camp. They had to black mail their counselor just so they wouldn't get in trouble for everything they did. I feel they main obstacle they had to overcome would be going back to the shooting grounds and saving all the buffalo from dying. The buffalo, on the other hand, had to overcome an obstacle. However this is in a very different way. The people that didn't care for them killed them. Not just made fun of them and laughed at them. Their only way out would be to somehow get out of those cages and be let free.

Neither the buffalo nor the boys have had a stable past. Two of the boy's have grown up with mothers who have married only because of money and then divorced after a short wile. Others have grown up being laughed at, mistreated by their parents, or not taken seriously by any other people. It is the same way for them now as well. The camp counselors want nothing to do with them and the only people the boys can count on are themselves. The buffalo are in a way similar to the boys. The first day they were born their mom raised them until they were able to survive on their own. When they were old enough to take care of themselves, they were just kind of left behind. No one really cared about them and as more and more of them finally began to split up, it was harder for them to get along with other buffalo. Now the buffalo are being shot at and they have no way of protecting themselves.
Final Statement
The final parallel I came up with is that success costs. If you think about it, the boys can't be too poor because their parents have the money to send them to a nice camp. It is the same way with the buffalo. They don't have to go out on their own and try to catch food. It is already there for them. They live in happiness all the time until it comes shooting time. They had been treated great and all of a sudden it just comes to an end. Their life is over after all that nice treatment and there is nothing they can do about it. In a way, it is the same deal for the kids. They are at this nice camp, yet they get treated like crap. And because they get treated like crap, they're going to act like crap. In away it is ironic