Blade Runner: Manís Search For Meaning

The movie Blade Runner has many themes. Many of these themes have been
explored and written on. The one theme that stood out most to me was that of a creatures
search for meaning and answers to the puzzle of its existence. The replicants that were
central to the plot of Blade Runner were created by man, much in the image of man. The
most important similarity between replicant and man is the ability to reason. This ability to
reason, brings on the inevitable pondering of oneís existence.

The story line of Blade Runner creates a unique forum for man (or a Manlike
creature) to meet his maker. With the freedom of fiction, the restraints that true men have
can be lifted. When the group of Replicants breaks free of their human transport partners,
they head for Earth. A replicants presence on Earth is quite dangerous, if found they will
be ďretiredĒ. Even though this grim consequence looms in the minds of the replicants,
their questions seem to overshadow their fear. The replicants wanted to meet their maker.
This goal was foremost in their desires and had to be carried out at all costs. This is a
powerful concept, when Roy stands in front of Tyrel, it can be likened to a mortal standing
before ďGodĒ (or his creator).

As Roy stands in the presence of Tyrel, one can only sense a felling of awe. Roy
has the attention of his creator. What a dream, and even more appealing, he strikes fear
into the heart of Tyrel. This is a transparent view of manís rage concerning the
powerlessness over his condition. Imagine if the tables could be turned, creator fearing

The first goal of the replicants is to create a path to Tyrel. This goal is relatively simple in
comparison with manís obstacle. The replicants try several paths to Tyrel, their final
success is accomplished through a series of events. Once Roy has finally reached his goal;
an audience with Tyrel (God), he voices his primary concern. Roy requests to know the
key to his death. This is manís central preoccupation, why must I die. Roy comes up with
several scenarios for avoiding his demise; Tyrel, in turn, discounts each one as impossible.
Why must this be! This question, which has resonated in the collective psyche of
mankind, since the beginning of time. The inevitable answer that Roy receives, is a
statement of supreme significance. Roy sentence Tyrel to the same powerlessness over
death that he was sentenced to by Tyrel.

The movie Blade Runner has many themes. The theme of oneís existence seemed
to be a large part of this movie. Not only in the replicants minds, but in the society as a
whole. Tyrel was not prepared for the replicants to last as long as they did, nor gain the
reasoning powers finally obtained. Roy was searching for answers that Tyrel thought he
would never have to deal with. Questions that are common among people today, in all
areas of existence. Many are unsure of the reason for being brought into this world, and
why it must end at a certain point.