Black Venus

November 13, 2003

Art Appreciation

HW #3

Black Venus

Artist: Niki de Saint-Phalle

Date of Production: 1965-67

Page #: 529

Black Venus, done by Niki de Saint-Phalle from 1965-1967, has a lot of variation in it. The visual weight is at the bottom of the piece, where the sculpture is apparently larger, thicker, and heavier. Use of light provides values on darker tones that would not be visible in the dark. Since it is so large and not a relief, it requires time to walk around the piece and view it from all angles. It has movement and rhythm and leads the viewer to believe there would some action taking place if the piece were in motion. The emphasis is on the woman’s outfit through the use of color. Repetition with color is used to emphasize the boldness of color and form. Its smooth texture also helps the colors stand out. The subordination is near the head area where there is little use of color or detail. The piece as a whole is very disproportionate, and not at all to scale.