Black Beauty
By Ana Sewell

Main Characters: Horses: Black Beauty, Marylegs, Ginger,

Captain. People: Squire Gordon, Joe Green, John Manly, The Erle

of Windover Mr. Barry, Alfred Smirck, Jerry Barker, Willie, Mrs.

Blumefield, Mrs. Ellen, Robin Smith.


Black Beauty first lived on a large pleasant meadow with his

mother and a few other horses. They had a very gentle master

named Squire Gordon. The coachman was a very caring man named

John Manly. As Beauty was getting older he had to learn how to

wear shoes, and many uncomfortable things on his body. Once

Beauty became accustomed to these things he was taken to a new

meadow. He lived in a roomy stall next to two horses named

Ginger, and Marylegs. One day Squire Gordon decided to take

Beauty, and Ginger on a trip to see some people. It was a long

trip, and they stopped for a night at an inn with some small

stables. Suddenly the horses where awakened by the sound of a

fire crackling from inside the barn. There was an enormous fire,

and many horses died, but Beauty, Ginger, and some other horses

were able to escape. The rest of the trip was pleasant, and

uneventful. One day Squire Gordon’s Mistress became very ill,

and Beauty was chosen by John to go get the doctor. It was a

stormy night, and when he returned with the doctor he was very

sweaty, and wet. Beauty was very sick for the next few days, but

he recovered quickly. John hired a new groom named Joe Green.

Joe was taut how to treat Beauty, and eventually John trusted

Joe. After living there for three years Squire Gordon’s mistress

Became very ill so they moved to a Quieter place.

Beauty, and Ginger’s new master was the Erle of Windover.

They lived at the Erle’s Hall Park, and there new coachman was

Mr. York. The Erle’s mistress forced Mr. York to make Beauty,

and Ginger wear new painful pieces of equipment called reigns.

The reigns forced the horse to hold her head very high. One day

Ginger was in so much pain she kicked Mr. York when he was

trying to raise her head. The mistress never rode Ginger again.

The Erle, his mistress, and Mr. York went on a several month

long trip, and left the head groom in charge of the horses.

Rubin Smith was the head groom, and he was very nice, and

trustworthy, but he was a heavy drinker. There were three people

staying at the Hall: Lady Harriet, Lady Ann, and Mr. Blantire

One day when Mr. Blantire was brought to the train station Rubin

stopped to see some friends, and a man noticed that Beauty’s

shoe was broken, but Rubin ignored him. On the way home Beauty’s

hoof was split in half, and the pain was so great he fell down

hard on his knees in agonizing pain. He threw Rubin almost three

yards. After a few hours Beauty could hear a horse coming, it

was ginger with three men. The men said Rubin was dead. They saw

Beauty’s bleeding knees, and his cut hoof, and they realized

what had happened. The Erle was extremely sad when he heard

about Beauty, but his knees were too damaged to keep him.

Beauty was sold to a livery where he was ridden by many

different people. Some people where very abusive and harsh

others were gentle, and caring.

After living at the livery for several months Beauty was

bought by a kind business man named Mr. Barry. Beauty’s new

master was never cruel to him, but his groom Alfred Smirck did

not clean the stable or remove all the hay, and the smell in the

stable made Beauty lose his appetite. Because of this Beauty

became very sick. When Mr. Barry found out that Alfred was

mistreating Beauty he decided to sell Beauty.

Beauty was sold to a cab owner named Jerry Barker. Jerry and

his family always treated Beauty very well. There was another

horse living with Beauty named Captain. Beauty had to work very

hard, but he was treated so well that he almost didn’t mind.

Captain, and Beauty became very good friends. One day when

Beauty was stopped at a