Biosphere 2 is a miniature copy of Earth. It was an international project
which combined different countries and cultures from all over the world.
Biosphere 2 is located in Arizona because of its climate. The site had more than
two thousand acres. The reasons for building Biosphere 2, the facilities,
biomes, and the problems faced inside will be discussed in this report.
Some of the reasons for building Biosphere 2 were overcrowding on
Earth and troubles, on Earth, in the future. Population of people on Earth are
getting very high. More people are having more kids, at a younger age. Soon,
there will not be enough places, for everyone, to live. As the ozone layer is
getting thinner there is a higher risk of skin disease. If we do not do something
to save the ozone layer soon, we are going to need a new place to live. Or, if
there is a huge natural disaster, we will need a place to go to in a hurry. So, then
we could build another Biosphere on another planet, and we would have more
places to live and be safe.
There are four main facilities in Biosphere 2. Each biospherian had their
own apartment, or otherwise known as, human habitats. Each apartment was
two stories with windows everywhere. Downstairs was a sitting room and
upstairs was a bedroom. In it was a bathroom, a T.V., a VCR, and a boombox.
Another facility was the research lab. It is designed to test the water from the
ocean and make sure it is clean, and study the different biomes. The other two
facilities are the recreational center, and the health facility. In the health facility,
is the doctor's office, and exercise equiptment.
There are many different biomes in Biosphere 2. The rainforest is
located on the north end of the huge structure. The rainforest has a fifty foot
mountain, topped with a cloud of mosses, orchids, and bromliads. Little ponds,
and a forest, are also in the rainforest. At the edge of the rainforest plants that
like a lot of sun help protect the inside of the forest. Banana trees are one of
these plants. Over 300 species of animals live in the rainforest, such as frogs,
snakes, snails, earthworms, bushbabies, and bats. Even insects, such as
mosquitos, live in the rainforest. Next to the rainforest is the savannah. A
savannah, is a grassy plain, usually found between deserts and rainforests. In the
savannah there are different trees, shrubs, and grasses, coming from Australia,
Africa, and
South America. The savannah is the home of Biosphere 2's main grazing animals.
These main grazing animals are the termites. Every year old grasses must be
broken down, so that the nutrients are available for next year's growth. After the
savannah is the marsh. In the marsh the plants are crowded close to each other.
This marsh is known as an estuary, because it has both salt water and fresh water.
The mixture of the two waters create a great amount of food for both plants and
animals. The marsh has Mangrove trees, transported from Florida, as well as
insects, crabs, and frogs. From the marsh, the water flows into the miniature ocean.
The water is at a depth of twenty-five feet. Over 100,000 gallons of water is from the
Pacific Ocean, and the rest of the water comes from mixing a salt recipe called
"Instant Ocean." The miniature ocean contains a coral reef, which came from the
Carribean Sea and the Gulf of
Mexico. It also contains a costal lagoon, and over 1,000 other species.
Biosphere 2 does not produce enough food to feed dolphins, and sharks are to
dangerous, but the ocean does contain starfish, angelfish, sea urchins, and
seaweed. The Desert has the most wide range of temperatures. On a winter
night it can get as low as thirty-five degrees fairenheight, and on summer days
it can get as high as 110 degrees fairenheight. In the desert there is less water
and fewer nutrients, so the plants to grow so close together. The strangest
desert plant is the Boojum tree. The Boojum tree looks like a huge, upside down
carrot, with two toothpicks sticking out of the sides. There are also, barrel cactus
inside the desert, they are known for their strange shape. The desert inside
Biosphere 2 is a cool, coastal desert. The last biome is the half