Biography of George Orwell
George Orwell was born under the name Eric Blair. He was born in 1903 in Bengal, India. He lived in India for the first eight years of his life. At the age of eight he and his mother moved for India to England so the Orwell could be educated in England. Orwell attended a Boarding school that mostly consisted on the children of the wealthy. Orwell’s Family was not rich but was well off Orwell said himself that they were in the “lower upper middle class”. In 1917 Orwell attended Eton on a scholarship. This is Orwell first encountered liberal and socialist ideas.
After his graduation in 1912 Orwell elected not to go to university but instead joined the Civil service and became a sergeant in the Indian Imperial Police. He served in the police for 5 years until 1927 he returned to England on leave and there decided to resign. After his resignation from the police force Orwell choose to live among the poor in England and Paris. It was in this time that Orwell wrote his first book, an autobiography title Down and out in Paris and London. It was this work was he first used the name George Orwell.
After publishing his first work he marred his wife and kept a village pub and a general store. During this period he wrote two novel Burmese days and Clergyman’s Daughter. By this time he had began to be noticed by critics but was still not making enough money to depend on his writing. His next novel was Keep the Aspidistra Flying, published in 1936, this novel was based on his time as a clerk in a bookstore. After this, his publisher encouraged him to visit the poor industrial areas of London, the result of this was a novel The Road to Wigan Pier. It was during this time that Orwell adopted the principles of socialism.
Soon after the novel The Road to Wigan Pier the Spanish civil war broke out. Orwell moved to Spain and joined a Marxist, anit-Stalin political party. Orwell was severally wound and when he recovered he was forced to leave the Country by the new Communist government that was controlled by the USSR His experience is the Spanish civil war were recorded in the novel Homage to Catalonia.
After Orwell’s return to England he wrote a novel, Coming up for Air. This was the first book by Orwell to sell well. This book was basically a prediction of World War 2 and when it broke out Orwell tried to join the army but was rejected because of his health. During the early parts of the war Orwell published two books of essays.
In 1945 Orwell published his one most famous work, Animal Farm. These anti-utopian novels are posed in the form of a satire. These books pertained to the Soviets and all forms of totalitarianism.
In 1946 Orwell publish another book of essays. Also in this year his wife past away. Too find more time to write he moved to the Scottish Hebrides. In this time he complete his most famous novel, Ninteen Eighty Four. This novel was published in 1949. Shortly after that in 1950 George Orwell died in London at the age of 47 from poor health.

Summary of Animal Farm
The Novel Animal Farm by George Orwell takes place on a farm located in England. In this novel all of the animals have the ability to speak. On this Farm the animals are mistreated and this leads Old major, an old pig, to have a dream about a farm that is owned and operated by animals. He tells all of the other animals about this dream. This leads the pigs on the farm, how are considered the most intelligent animal on the farm, to come up with new ideology for the farm which they call animalism. This new ideology is based on the simple concept “Four legs good, two legs bad” (page 22). After forming this new ideology they now revolted against there master Mr. Jones the farm owner, and took control of the farm. The animals ran the farm for them self with much success; they were even able to fend off an attack by Mr.Jones. The farm was now beginning run by the pigs the