The Road Ahead is a realistic book, and shows the upcoming technologies that will change all of our lives. Bill Gates is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Microsoft Corporation. In 1975 he co-founded Microsoft Corporation. His visions and goals of making software easier and more enjoyable for people are the key to Microsoft's success, and continue to set the standard for the entire software industry. Just as the personal computer revolutionized the way we work, the tools of the information age which are becoming every day reality will transform the way we make choices about almost everything.
It started on a day, as a college sophomore, Bill Gates stood in Harvard Square beside his best friend Paul Allen and gazed over a description of a kit computer in Popular Electronics magazine. As they read excitedly about the first truly personal computer, Gates and Allen didn't know how it would be used, but they were sure it would change both of them and the world of computing. They were right. The personal-computer revolution happened and it has affected millions of lives. It has led Bill Gates to places nearly imaginable.
Bill Gates wrote his first software program when he was 13. It was for playing tic-tac-toe. The computer used was humongous, slow, and didn't have a screen. The mothers decided that the proceeds from a yard sale should be used to install a terminal and buy computer time for the students. To play , they had to type in their moves on a typewriter-style keyboard and then sit around until the results came out of a loud printing device on paper. Letting a bunch of teenagers loose on a computer was the idea of the Mothers' Club at Lakeside, the private school Gates attended as a teenager, and it was a good one. Then they'd rush over to take a look and see who'd won or decide their next game. A game of tic-tac-toe , which would take thirty seconds with a pencil and paper, might have been time consuming, but who cared? The machine was something new to them, and was just the beginning of the computer world.
This is an exciting time in the Information Age. It is the very beginning. The question always comes up about how technology will change our lives. People want to understand how it will make the future different. Whatever happens Bill Gates will be a big part in it all. He is the most powerful figure in the world. The computing industry is one of the biggest industries in the world, and mostly all of it has to do with Gates. Bill Gates has made the computer what it is today. The Information Age, will enhance leisure time , and will expand the distribution of information all over the world.
When you look at what Bill Gates has done with the computer it is astonishing. He has had something to do with every aspect of the computer world. He is the main god like figure when it comes to it. Bill Gates is one of the most intelligent and richest men in the world. His total income keeps rising each year. With new computer programs that others don't come close to, he is setting a standard that will never be able to be repeated. He is the richest man in the world , with over 48 billion dollars , and rising rapidly each year.
The information highway will have a significant effect on all of our lives in the years to come. Bill Gates is the main who started it all , and is the man who will become more powerful until the day he dies. I liked this book very much , because it has to do with the computer world, which is very interesting to me. It also tells Gates life story, and how he has become the worlds most richest man by far. The computer has done so much in the application of technology, and Gates is the man behind it. I love computers, and what Bill Gates has done is fantastic. There has never been so many opportunities to do things that were impossible before, and we owe is mostly all to Bill Gates and the computer.