Bill Gates III is one of the top computer programers in the world. The purpse of this paper is to learn more about the life and contubtion of Bill Gates and to learn and understand the process of he resreachpaper
Bill Gates was born October 28, 1955 in Seattle Washington. Into an upper middle class family. He was the middle chilled of Bill Gates Jr. and Mary Maxwell. His father Bill gates Jr. served in W.W.II. After the war he became a lawyer in Seattle. Billís mother Mary Maxwell was a school teacher. Until becoming pregnant for Billís older sister Kritanne in 1953. To years later Bill was born. Bill would be nine when his second and last sister would be born. Her name is Libby.(Boyd PP 11)
Bill started his Schooling at an all boyís school called LakeSide School in 1967. Bill hated lake side he tired to fail the entrance exam to try to stay out of the school. However his mom and dad know that he is not the kind of kid that would fail a test. Bill was small for his age he had big feet and ears. Bill tried to stay away from team activates. His mother and father tired to make him but most of billís free time he spent reading or just thinking. Bill Excelled in math when he joined the math and science group. Bill made a few friends in this group. One that would change Billís life forever. His name was Kent Evans. Kent unlike bill wanted to make alot of money. (Boyd PP 17)
Soon LakeSide was looking for a computer for the boyís to tire to keep them on the cutting edge of technology. One of Billís teachers said ďIt took him(Bill) a week to pass me [in computer Know how].Ē Bill and Kent were draw to programming. Wile a soon to be friend of bill and Kent was Paul Allen he was more in to the hard ware which is the computer it self. Paul was two years older than Bill and Kent. Bill had set a goal for him self that was to learn basic(Beginnerís All-purpose Symbolic Instruction Code) left and Right. Soon after Bill knows and was writing programs for basic. One of the programs solved math programs and a nether that played tic-tac-toe. Soon the boys used up all of the computer time and were forced to find some were else to work. They fond a place but they soon fond that they would be closing. Nevertheless Bill was positive in his statement that he would be a millionaire by the age of 30. Who would have know that he would have been wrong. (Boyd PP 25)
Bill and his Friends formed a group called the LakeSide Programmers Group. They set out to tire to make some money. Soon after they started a company wanted a payroll program. Paul tired to work on it by him self but it was to much work with school so he let Bill and Kent work on it. On that program they made $10,000 in computer time. There was only one problem it had to be used in one year. (Boyd PP 29)
Before long LakeSide school was coed this caused big problems with scheduling all of the kidís so Bill jump in and tired to put it all on computer. The school need to put a teacher in charge. But the teacher in charge was killed in a plane crash. So that ment that Bill and Kent were in charge. But Kent had to leave for a short time to go on a hiking trip. As Kent was crossing a snow field he fell 600 feet to his death. Bill took a short break from the project he came bake to Finnish it soon after the funeral. (Boyd PP 33)
Bill was forced to miss his last trimester of school to join Paul Allen to promote the Traf-o-data computer. He made it back to school to take his fanly exams. And then it was time to go to Harvard. Witch did not last to long because he dropped out to join Paul Allen in Microsoft.
Bill and Paul worked for a few years and soon Paul had to leave because of cancer. He soon