Bill Clinton
I agree with the statement that despite the recent scandal with Monica Lewinsky,
President Clinton can still be a role model for young people. There are two types of role models
that can be described, one can be like Mother Teresa and the other has faults but despite their
faults they are still a good role models, like President Clinton, because he has done well for our
country, he cares about the people and his family, and finally people have affairs every day of
their lives.
First of all, our President has done very well for our country. Economically, we have
actually started paying off our debt and we are in very good shape. He has helped the college
people in a lot of ways. Through him we can get different kinds of loans and scholarships, and
now he is trying to pass a bill which will let the people go to college and keep the money they get
from federal grants. That’s something the young kids can look up to, because when they get out
of college, they will not have to worry about paying back a huge amount of money. They can
save that money and get a house or an apartment. They will benefit from it very well.
Secondly, he actually cares about the people and his family. Every time you see him with
his family the Clinton’s are always happy, and he is usually hugging his daughter or wife. The
Americans never hear anything bad about his wife and daughter on the news or in the newspapers.
When Clinton’s administrative people heard about his impeachment, some of them walked out,
but most of them stayed and kept their loyalty to him. That shows that he is a good person. When
he meets people in real life, he never pushes them away. On a recent meeting with congress
Clinton was telling them that “We have to be there for the American people.”. This is a way of
showing his loyalty to the American people. He is a loving father, and is currently putting
Chelsea through school. He supports her in every way a father can. This shows the young person
that he is a loving father and they can look up to him for that.
Finally, everybody complains about our President having an affair. People have affairs
every day of their lives and whose to know if their kids know or not. Parents kids could be
watching from the other room and their parent is supposed to be a good role model? At least you
did not see President Clinton and Monica together. Most of the young kids do not really know or
understand what is going on. They are focused on cartoons and playing with toys. If anyone
should be worrying about being a good role model, it should be the parent. If they are good role
models, the President should not have that much effect on the kids, because they will know it’s
wrong to have an affair. It was just an affair it could have been worse, Clinton could have done
something like Charles Manson, but he did not it was just an affair. He did not hurt anyone
physically, emotionally but not physically.
In conclusion, even though President Clinton had an affair with Monica Lewinsky, he can
still be a role model for the young people, because people have affairs every day of their lives, he
has done well for our country, and most of all he cares about the people and his family.