Berlin Diary Discussion Questions

March 20, 2004

World Civ

1. Shirer sees how Hitler is helping and restoring the lives of the Germans. “He is restoring pageantry and colour and mysticism to the drab lives of the twentieth century Germans.” The Germans like what Hitler was doing for the economy and country. He rallied the Germans up.

2. Hitler favored war in 1936. He built up his military.

3. Hitler was successful in meeting his goals in 1938. He built up the military and the four year plan. The majority of Germans are behind Hitler now.

4. There were great celebrations after Anschluss.

5. Hitler used the issue of the Sudeten national rights as his main focus for military aggression, which completed his military plan for the invasion of Czechoslovakia

6. The people of Berlin were stunned. They had the look of astonishment and depression. “The people cannot realize yet that Hitler has led them into a world war”

7. The German invasion plan on France came as a surprise. It seemed incredible that the Germans could get across the heavily wooded area of the Meuse Valley so quickly. “Nothing appeared to stand in the way of the German army and the capitol.”

8. The French didn’t make good strategic moves in the war, which lead to the fall of France. “From what I’ve seen, the French let the Germans dictate a new kind of warfare.” The Germans also had superiority in Military equipment. The French let the Germans take control of the roads, which made it easier to take control. There were no real tank traps or controlled bridges.

9. Germany was unable to defeat Britain. The Germans were not able to destroy the British planes. The British used smart tactics in planning were they put, and how they used their planes. “The British never risked more than a small portion of their available fighters on any one day, they did send up enough to destroy more German bombers per day than Goring could afford to lose.”

10. Shirer knew that the Nazi policy was to exterminate all Polish Jews. Someone told him that Jews were “carriers of disease and germs”. Jews were forced to wear a “J” on their coats.

11. “And German character is such that the German must either dominate or be dominated. He understands no other relation between human beings on this earth” The Germans are confident Hitler will succeed in his New Order, and it will mean more “milk and honey” for them. They don’t care how they get it even if it’s at the expense of other people. Germany wants to control Europe and have all the countries depend on them for economic support.