Beowulf overall is an interesting film and poem. It is about a courageous hero who is very visual. The same thing is for the film as well. As always, there are differences between films and books that are noticeable. The same thing goes with Beowulf as well. The differences did not take that much away from the plot, but it changed how some of the character's attitudes are or respond to certain events. The similarities can range from the plot, description of characters, setting, and the overall theme are the same. However, differences in the two includes, the addition of characters in the film that were not in the book, and some things in the poem were not established that were in the film. The main the reason why the poem and movie is different is because of the director of the movie. He disliked the original script of the film because it was very like the poem. In most cases, people would want the film to be very much alike, but he probably wanted the movie to be different and unique.
One major difference between the film and poem was how Hrothgar was depicted. In the film Hrothgar was the father of Grendel, but in the poem, he wasn't. Also, Hrothgar nor Beowulf's relationship with anybody was described in the poem. In addition, Hrothgar was a very faithful and loving man in the poem, but the movie made him seem like a person that could not be respected for the terrible things he did.
Another thing is the scene where the dragon was disturbed is different. In the poem, a burglar was trying to be sneaky and disturbed a dragon by stealing some of its values. The dragon had grown very angry, which led to it terrorizing a whole kingdom. Since Beowulf was a hero, of course he would get the news. When he did, Beowulf had got very confrontational with the drag, which led to Beowulf destroying his kingdom. Beowulf fought the drag with all might, force, and energy that was stored in his body, but he could not take down the dragon himself, because Wiglaf had to help. The dragon was killed, but the injuries that Beowulf sustained led to him dying. However, in the film the dragon was Beowulf's son that was looking to kill him. Undoubtedly, the dragon was very powerful because his father is Beowulf and his mother was not too shabby herself. Even though the dragon was Beowulf's son, he had to protect the people from him, so he had no choice but to try to kill his own son. However, the battle happens the same, with Wiglaf helping Beowulf kill the dragon.
Also, another difference is how Beowulf found Grendel's mother. The entrance to the lair in the poem was said to be guarded by huge sea monsters. Beowulf easily killed one of them, then the others ran away from the sounds of trumpets playing. Due to the differences in the two versions, Grendel's mother did not have all of this. All her lair was just a deserted place that nobody would ever attempt to enter. In the poem, it was said that he was wearing armor and a sword that was gifted to him by Unferth. They fought and Beowulf's sword had broken during the fight. Grendel's mother tried to stab him, but his armor protected him. He then stabbed her and killed her. She was described as a huge, hideous creature. However, in the film Beowulf did not even have any type of armor. Instead of him meeting an ugly creature, he met a beautiful figure in which he had intercourse with instead of murdering.
Also, the way that Beowulf became king was significantly different in both versions. Originally, Beowulf was awaiting to become the king of throne. He was the next person in line once the previous king and his son dies. The former king died in a war, so that left his son to become king. Ironically, the king's son was slaughtered right after his father died. This left Beowulf to become king. However, in the film Beowulf's rise to the thrown was simple. Hrothgar declared that Beowulf would be the