Benjamin Franklin


Period 5 February 11, 2004

The book I chose to read was Benjamin Franklin Founding Father and Inventor. Benjamin Franklin led a very interesting life. He was a scientist, inventor, businessman, politician, and an ambassador. He always worked hard and had a lot of unique ideas.

He had very valuable political views. Unfortunately, he was ahead of his time with most of these. He wanted to ablosh slavery, reform prisons and change some of the ways of teaching. He was seen as a great man and great political leader. He even helped start the navy.

His inventions were very valuable. He invented a lot of different things. Among these are: bifocals, a way of getting salt out of salt water, lightning rods, a stove, a copying machine, a chair that folded into a stepladder, and a mirror that was used to check who was at the door.

He had a lot of accomplishments. Some were big, others were little, some were hard, and some were easy. He brought the first bathtub to America. He also translated the bible into English. He organized a fire department, set up a hospital that still is in operation today, planned a medical school, set up a library, published the first novel in america, invented parasailing, and even thought up the idea of paratroopers and submarines in warfare.

Benjamin Franklin helped a lot in the process of making the constitution.