Benjamin Franklin

I am doing my report about Benjamin Franklin. First Benjamin Franklin invented electricity. He also invented a lot more things then electricity like the lighting conductor, bifocal spectacles, a musical instrument and a more efficient design of a stove or fireplace. He also was the first person to use now-familiar terms positive and negative in electricity.

Benjamin Franklin was born in Boston Massachusetts on January 17, 1706. Benjamin grew up in a busy household. The age of seven Ben gained an interest for books and languages, which continued through his life. At the age of eight Ben\'s dad wanted Ben to go to grammar school, also his dad wanted him to be a minister for a church. That school became very expensive so Ben went to another school for two years, which was the end of his schooling. Then he began to work with his father at his business.

Ben\'s father took Ben around Boston to find him a job in a trade but Ben was more interested in reading and writing. In 1718 Ben at the age of twelve began to work in his brothers printing business in Boston. He became a apprentice for his brother. That was his first real job. In 1722 James his brother was in prison so Ben took over as Editor and learned about printing and publishing. Ben and his brother got into an argument and he left home. Ben went to New York and them to Philadelphia where he settled. He got a job as a printer. Ben started traveling to Europe and London to learn more about printing and to learn more in the big cities. In 1726 he bought the newspaper called the Pennsylvania Gazette. In 1730 Ben married Deborah Read they had three children and along and happy life.

In 1732 he punished his first edition of his Poor Richard\'s Almanac. This was yearly book filled with facts and figures. He wrote a lot of mottos like "Early to bed early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise." In 1748 he retired from active business and wanted to do something different as a scientist.

Ben Franklin always wondered about how things worked and why. He would experiment on a lot of things. He was very skilled with his hands. Ben was one of the first people to show that "pure research could also have useful results." Franklin carried out pure research, mainly in electricity. Ben also carried out applied research. One of his first scientific achievements was an invention of the Pennsylvania fireplace or also known as the Franklin stove in 1740. In 1784 Ben invented bifocal glasses.

Ben Franklin was one of the three authors of the Declaration of Independence in 1776. Ben also helps write the American Constitution of his new nation. Ben Franklin passed away on April 17,1790 leaving a lasting mark on the world of science and politics.