been captured by a band of Wood-elves who were try to
find out what him and his friends were doing in the
woods. The rest of the dwarves are quickly captured and
taken into the dungeons of the Wood-elves. Again with
the help of the ring Bilbo sneaks in the dungeon and
using the Wood-elves empty food barrels to float down
stream to Lake-town. Once in Lake-town Thorin declared
himself to be the grandson of the King under the
Mountain. The Lake Men gave the dwarves food and
supplies for their journey up Lonely Mountain. When the
dwarves found the secret door, the dwarves sent Bilbo in
along. Only because it was in his contract. When Bilbo
reached the treasure room where Smaug was sound
asleep. Bilbo put on his ring and grabbed from the
treasure pile a great two handled cup and returned
quickly back to the dwarves.
When Smaug awakes, he goes into a fierce fiery and
goes to find the thief and the dwarves narrowly escape
the dragon by slipping into the tunnel. Finally Bilbo puts
on his ring and goes down to confront the dragon. There
ensues another riddle game, but this time composed of
enigmatic references to Bilbo\'s own identity and
adventures. Bilbo finds a flaw on the dragons breast.
Bilbo barely escapes back into the tunnel and up into the open air, where he tells the dwarves of his discovery. Suddenly Smaug erupts from the mountain and heads for the Lake-town to destroy the people and the town of which he suspects is aiding the unseen enemy.
Once again Bilbo descend down the tunnel to the
treasure room and this time he discovers and pockets
the most magnificent treasure of all, the great jewel called the Arkenstone. When the dwarves reach the room,
Bilbo does not tell them about his find.
Meanwhile Smaug attacks Lake-town. With only one
arrow lift the brave captain of archers named Bard is
told by a thrush of the one place where Smaug is
vulnerable, and Bard shoots his black arrow which had
been past down through generation to generation and
always had been recovered. The arrow hit the spot and
Smaug falls dying into the lake.
When the Elf King found out that Smaug was dead
he and Bard seek to negotiated with Thorin on receiving
some treasure. That night Bilbo sneaked into the
"enemy" camp and delivered the precious Arkenstone
to Bard and the elf king so that will have something of
sufficient value to persuade Thorin to relent. When Bard
told Thorin that he had the Arkenstone, Thorin nearly
hurled Bilbo over the barricade. Finally in bitterness he
offers Bilbo\'s own share of the treasure of Smaug in
return for the Arkenstone, and both sides retired for the
time being, with Bilbo banished from the dwarves
The next day from out of now where hordes of
goblin and wild wolves attacked the dwarves, men, and
elves. And the battle of five armies began. Just as all
seemed lost, Bilbo looked up and cried out that the
eagles are coming. He himself is knocked unconscious
by a stone and does not regain his senses until the
battle was over. Then he was taken to bid farewell to
Thorin, who was dying from from his wound but wishes
to be reconciled with Bilbo.
Bilbo returns home with a small chest of gold and
one of silver, plus gold that he and Gandalf recovered
from the trolls loot. When Bilbo arrived home he found
his furnishings being auctioned off.
All was set right in time. Bilbo spent much of his
time writing his memoirs. A few years later he is
surprised by Gandalf who brought Bilbo up to date on
what was going on with the dwarves and the people of
lake-town and the rebuilding of the city of Dale. The story
ends with the suggestion by Gandalf that something
more than sheer luck lay behind the adventure and with
an expression of satisfied recognition by Bilbo that he
is "only quite a little fellow in a wide world after all."
My opinion of the story The Hobbit is that I thought
is was a superb story. I felt this way because Bilbo
showed the dwarves that he was clever and that with
out him they would have never completed their journey.
And he was not just an ordinary Hobbit.