Beam Me Up Scotty: Teleportation

Some people think that teleportation is not possible, while other people
think that it is, and they are doing it.
The idea behind teleportation is that an object is equivalent to the
information needed to construct it, the object can then be transported by
transmitting the information in bytes,(1 byte= 1 yes or no answer) along a
channel of telecommunications-communications, on the other end of the line is a
receiver that reconstructs the object using the information given. Just like a
fax machine except that a normal document fax takes up about 20 kilobytes
(20,000 bytes) where as a human "fax" or teleportation would take 10 Gigabytes
(100,000,000,000 bytes) for just one millimeter of human (A Fun Talk On
Teleportation). But with a few technical breakthroughs, you might imagine, you\'d
be able to teleport over to a friend\'s house for dinner simply by stepping into
a scanner that would record all the information about the atoms making you up,
With all the data collected, the machine would then vaporize your body and relay
the information to your friend\'s teleporter, which would rebuild you using basic
molecular elements.
Some people don\'t try to think of a scientific answer to it, they just
know that they can move something from point A to point B.
There are many kinds of teleportation, one kind is transferring a
picture of an image to a piece of film in a special camera called a tele-camera,
the teleporter sticks the lens of the camera to hiser fore head and thinks about
the picture as hard as they can, most of the time it doesn\'t show up on the film
but a couple of times the picture usually a picture of a building or historical
marker barely shows up.
Another kind of teleportation is Water Witching, which is the act of
bending small metal objects such as a spoon or some keys without touching them.
A famous instance of Water Witching is a famous witcher was on a popular
television show, during the show the man bent a fork and a spoon, several people
called the station saying that while the show all the forks and spoons all bent
Usually when somebody says teleportation people usually think Star Trek,
but instead of stepping onto a scanner and moving your body, some people can
actually lift themselves in the air by just hypnotizing themselves. In maybe a
few years with a little more technology people might replace cars, buses, trains
and planes with a teleporter.

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