“Basketball Diaries”

Over the past few days in class we have watched a movie called “Basketball
Diaries” This movie about a young man named Jim Carroll. In the movie Jim develops a
serious drug addiction. This results in him losing everything.
Jim begins using drugs while in high school. He begins with occasional drug use.
This in turn leads him to total drug addiction. He gradually increases his use until his life
revolves around drugs. First, He gets expelled from school and then he gets thrown out of
his because of his habits.
Jim starts using drugs because it makes him feels good. It made him forget about
him forget about his problems. Peer-Pressure also played a major role in him getting
hooked. Jim led a stressful life and drugs was his escape from society. This was Jim’s way
of dealing with his problems.
Jim has a very poor outlook on the church. Partly, because of his experiences with
his teachers. He did not have a personal relationship with the priests. He felt that they
were trying to control him. Jim was not very receptive to authority. He hated it.
Whenever, someone tries to force him to do something he turns his back on them. This
lack of respect of authority could because of lack of male influence in his life. Jim looked
at the church as an institution rather than a home. No, I do not hold this view on the
church. I was raised in environment with personable priests. This helped me grow with the
church rather than against it.
A very controversial issue is whether drugs and alcohol are morally wrong.
Catholics believe that anything that can harm your body is morally wrong. I believe that
drugs are morally wrong. They alter emotions, thoughts, and physical being; this is
completely unacceptable and morally wrong. Alcohol is not very morally wrong. Alcohol
is only wrong when it is abused. It is not wrong to drink but when it is taken in excess it is
wrong. It is belief if it alters you in any way it is morally wrong. Unless it is for health
purposes drugs should not be taken.
This movie contains a lot controversial issues. It has scenes that I do not agree
with. They are totally amoral. This was a good movie and enjoyed viewing. The director
does a good job with raising questions about Christianity. He presents a different view of
the Catholic Church.