Basketball Camp

English HL AII

September 11th, 2003


It was early July when my parents sent me to a basketball camp in the mountains of Lebanon. It was a one week program that was based on learning new basketball techniques, improving on skills, fitness and having a great time. It took place in "Farayah" one of the best areas for skiing in the winter; the weather was always perfect except at night it got really cold but I liked that. The camp had several small villas that included a set of rooms and three basketball courts along its backside. Right down the road there was a small restaurant and a mini – market were we ate good food and grabbed some junk food for the night.

When I first walked into the dorm where I would get the key to the room and some other stuff, there was a large line including many parents with their kids. There were many different age groups. I got my key, took my suitcase, looked for the number and went to my room. There were two small double beds right in front of the door covering almost half of the window, a small bathroom, a tiny fridge that hardly worked and two small cupboards. I was hoping I would get either a cool roommate or to be alone so I could have the excuse to stay outside most of the time.

They gave us five minutes to unpack and get back downstairs for a little meeting. There was a man already talking and two other people passing around sheets of paper with rules, written in Arabic and English, and a map of the camp area. After that we were free to do whatever we wanted until eleven o\'clock. He told us that basketball would start at 9 a.m everyday. I went to my room and when I got there the door was open. I saw a skinny guy, medium sized, dark hair combed to the right like the 1940\'s with his back to me. I said "Hey!"

Then when he turned around he gave me a fright with his eye glasses that were the size of fist. He carried books in his arms.

I said, "What the hell are you doing?

He said, "This is my room".

I said, "Damm!"…hurting his feelings from the way he faced the floor.

I didn\'t really care much if I did or didn\'t, I didn\'t like the way he looked. Throughout the rest of the day, I never said a word to him; I ignored him like he wasn\'t even there. All he did was read in some book.

Around eleven p.m right before going to sleep I asked what his name was. He took time to answer. He told me his name was Jad. We unpacked our suitcases and washed up. Day after day, I hardly ever said a word to him. We had basketball warm – ups, practices and games. We did many push ups, feedbacks, and other drills. I watched him play, he wasn\'t so good.

Through the week I met a lot of new people and I still kept ditching my roommate. I don\'t think he was having fun at all. The night before the last night I was walking down to the mini –market, I wanted to grab something to eat and drink for the night. I found, Jad in the corner with some other guys they were making fun of him and from what it sounded like they wanted to beat him up. I ignored the action and went inside. Suddenly I started to fell bad for him, on my way out I went over the guys and I told them to buzz off, grabbed Jad by the shoulder and told him, "Lets go!"

We quickly became good friends. We stayed up late and we couldn\'t get up when our clock buzzed 8 a.m we both showered and got dressed and got down to the restaurant to eat something before playing basketball. Jad and I were put into different teams but it was fun playing against each other. After basketball hour was over, I taught him a couple of moves and ways of dribbling so he could practice his game.

The last