Based on a True Story

English S.A 2-11-04 2:30

I was expecting the usual greeting but my friend walked past me without speaking a word. I was totally stuck, what was wrong with him, I had to find out. Was he mad at me or just having a bad day. I immediately tried to catch up with him. I ran as fast as possible, speeding through the halls trying to stop him before he got to class, but by the time I got to him he was walking through the door.

“Oh God why did you have to do this to me, now I got to wait until lunch to find out if he is mad at me or if Jason had a bad day.”. I had a long while till lunch came, about Two and a half hours. So I decided to waste it, the teacher in math, Ms .Jackson had a fun class, we played integer pac man. Daniel the showoff won, he thinks he is so smart!

Ms. Thomas the English teacher really gave me a hard time, she tried her best to send me to the office, but I was determined not to get in trouble so I could make it to lunch on time. Science we had a substitute, she was unlike any I have ever seen, she was actually nice!

Finally we got to lunch I saw my friend and signaled him over but he didn’t come. So I decided to go over there and find out what his problem was! I stomped over there and attacked him with words “what is your problem you won’t talk to me and you are ignoring me 24/7, you still wont say something” his reply shocked me. He told me why he wasn’t talking alright, his mother had just died and I just stormed at him for no reason!

That night I called him and we talked it over, his mom died from cancer and was apparently badly ill, all the time when the doctors said she was almost cured. I felt sorry and tried my best to comfort him through the rest of the school year. He moved with his father to California and I never saw him again. Many times I think about him and his mom she was very nice. I remember when Jason told me we would be friends for ever but some times the best of friends have to leave each other. It sticks with me and makes me think, I could lose my mother tomorrow and have to get a job. I need to plan my life to be on track. I might lose my mom any time now and if so I should be prepared.

Based on a true story