Bad Day


Bad day

There once was a god named Zeus he was the ruler of all the gods. One day Zeus wanted to know what it would have been like to be a human child and have to go to school. He thought that school looked like it would be fun so he came to earth and entered the six grade. Because he was new a lot of the kids didnít talk to him but as the days went on they started to become friends with him. The kids would complain about this one teacher that kept handing out essays to do every single day. Zeus couldn ít understand because he thought it would be fun to be able to write essays. But one day he had to return back to the gods because Ceres wouldnít turn the weather warm again because she was mad at Pluto. It had taken Zeus all night to get Ceres to listen to him. When he returned to school the next morning he was tried and he didnít finish his essay. When the teacher found out she got all mean and evil, her eyes popped out of her head and she was foaming from the mouth and made Pluto seem like he belonged with the angles. Zeus got scared! He started to hate to have to write those stupid essays everyday typing, writing it was making him crazy. When the other kids went to lunch he complained with them. Zeus told the other kids that he was really the ruler of all the gods. The kids didnít believe him and said he had to prove it. When they were in class and the teacher turned her back and wrote on the black board he would move her desk. When she would turn around she would trip over it. She got so mad that she started foaming again and yelled that now they would have to write five essays tonight. Zeus took pity on all the kids and struck her dead with a lighting bolt. This should be a lesson for all teachers that hand out to many essays to be careful the next time itís lighting out it could be a bolt meant for them.