The year is 2045. Crime has increased more than 200% than before 2000.
In 2030, the United States invented a way to go faster than the speed of light. They found that you can go to the past or future this way. The first couple of years after time machines were put in stores people used them to make money. For example, they would go a few days into the future and watch a horse race, and then go back in time and bet on the winning horse.
In 2032 a set of laws were made. They were called ³The Laws of Time Travel². The laws were: 1. You cannot alter your life or change the way your life turns out 2. You cannot take any item or person from the past or future. 3. You need a special license to time travel.
Any one who did not follow these rules would be executed or shot on sight.
Buford Charles was thirty-five years old. He was tall, about 6ı4², with short brown hair. He saved money for about five years, until he had enough money to buy a time machine. He wanted to see what would happen in his life. That year was 2045, so he set the time machine to 2050.
Suddenly, there was a loud bang that made the ground shake. Then he realized he was traveling faster than the speed of sound, and the bang was a sonic boom. Then, there was nothing. Buford opened his mouth and yelled, but he heard nothing. He looked around, but saw nothing, total darkness.
Then, as if from nowhere, he saw a forest. Suddenly, he jerked forward and then heard his yell, the yell he swore he yelled five minutes earlier. He thought for a moment and realized that he was traveling faster than the speed of light, that was why he could not see anything. He heard his yell when he slowed down, slower than the speed of sound, and his yell caught up with him.
He looked out of the time machine window and saw a forest. He stepped out of the time machine and saw that he was in the middle of a cemetery. He moved the time machine out of the cemetery when he noticed a freshly buried grave.
The grave digger had not placed the tombstone yet. There was a note card by the grave. Buford began to read it: Buford Charles, 2010-2050,
Died by being shot in the head during a robbery on June 16, 2050. Buford passed out of shock before he could even speak.
³Whoah,² he said when he woke up about four hours later.
He knew he could not live with himself knowing the exact date he would die. He could not stand to look at the grave any more, so he went in the time machine to think.
³I canıt change my life, because of the rules of time travel,² he thought to himself.
He thought for a few minutes and decided he would go back in time and get his dad to save him. He thought for a moment and decided to go to the year 1998, his dad would be 15 years old then.
He went to 2045 and talked his friend, who also owned a time machine, into going to 1998 with him. He could leave his time machine there for his dad to use, and Buford and Jim, his friend, could go back to 2045.
The next day they went to the year 1998. Buford looked his dadıs name up in the phone book and went to talk to him.
³Come on, Barry,² said Buford.
³Show me this time machine of yours and Iıll believe you,² replied Barry.
Buford took Barry to the old shed where Jim and the two time machines were waiting. Barry decided that it was better than going to school, and Buford and Jim went back to 2045. Barry was told that Buford could not know of his fate or that Barry couldnıt talk to Buford, or it would break the rules of time travel.
Barry went to the date June 15, 2050. He tracked down Buford and waited all night before Buford headed off to the bank. Barry followed shortly behind him. Barry went and stood behind Buford in the