Back to my child-hood when I was still living at my country-home, I used
to asked my self why public schools practices this kind of policy if the
students can't afford to buy uniforms. Sometimes when I was walking and
passing through some public schools I used to watch the students play at their
play-ground and noticed how wonderful they look and how organize their
school was. But those moment didn't gave me the answers to my questions
until I moved to America.
When I was twelve, I lived with my mom in New Jersey for just a year,
and I was sent to a public school at Midtown Community School to study for
On that year I had experienced lots of competition and waste of money.
Because public schools in America don't use uniforms every time after I took
a shower I wasted a lot of time just to choose the clothes I wanted to wear,
and because some of my clothes were old enough my mom were always
forced to bought me new clothes.
I realized that time, after all those years I finally got my answers to my
Uniforms had been used by many workers and students, and it helped us
especially poor families to save money. Uniforms, however, may also give
fashion and good looks to people but it shows that they are educated people.
I learned this lesson through my experience that public school should
require their students to wear uniforms.
It saves money because instead of wearing many different clothes a child
just need at least two uniforms to wear for a whole week. It wont tell if the
child is wearing the same clothes everyday, but he may want to keep it clean
so he can use it next day.
It brings less competition because uniforms do not give any recognition of
popularity, beside for the shoes. Students sometimes wear fashionable clothes
so they can be attractive to their classmates which distracts their attention on
their studies.
Children sometimes value their surrounding or anything they see and
apply them to them selves which reflexes their behavior through their
adulthood. That is why some men or women give importance to their things
instead of their families and their future.
However, if the school recommend their students to wear uniforms
competition will be reduce. Students can finally focus on their studies and
their activities which may result good grades and will make their school a
model to other schools. For what we teach on children reflexes their behavior
and they will carry those through their adulthood which will also reflex their
country and their future.