Back to a country?

About 20 – 30 years ago Polish villages were “getting old” – young people still and still escaped to live and work in the city. Nowadays the tendency is slowly changing. There are several points to take into consideration with regard to the benefits of living in the country.

A common claim states that life in the country is healthier – there is less pollution, car fumes, noise and the air is generally cleaner. Definitely the environment is the biggest advantage of the countryside. Less traffic and industry means that people have fewer health problems. Consequently, life is less stressful and it has the great influence on the psychic health. Green hills, trees and fields found in the countryside provide a beautiful setting for living. It is easier to reach your inner balance, relax and listen to yourself in the conditions of peace and quite, provided by the countryside.

An additional advantage of living in the country is its lifestyle. People there are generally thought to be friendlier and much more helpful and supportive than in the big, anonymous blocks of flats in the city. Everybody is more cheerful and receptive. A smaller community gives an opportunity to express yourself, to make real friends and to share all your problems with somebody who will understand you, because he or she knows you and your life very well. Collective events, like festivals, religious ceremonies or even discos, unite the local society. What is more, there is certainly less crime. People know each other, recognize every stranger, can relay on the neighbor’s help. It gives the sense of safety and security. Doors of many houses in the country are not locked for the night, some people use keys only when they leave for the long time.

In contrast, opponents of living outside the city point out that the country has fewer hospitals or health centers. In addition, getting to these places can also be difficult without a car since there is less public transport. So regardless of the fact that country life can be much healthier than city life, you have much better health care in the city. Another negative aspect of living in the countryside, as far as the environment is considered, is using of pesticides and other weed killers by farmers. They get to the soil and then to the air and have the serious influence on your life. The countryside is also not the best setting for all people with allergy, and there are still more and more of them.

Furthermore, some people living in the country feel that it is boring because there are fewer cinemas, discos, museums etc. Other believe that the level of the education is there much lower than in the cities. Your access to information, libraries and high schools is impeded, but in the age of the Internet it stops to be any obstacle. Some people, especially young, sometimes feel they suffocate themselves in a small community, small village; youth needs freedom and space. It also can’t be denied that people living in the country must work very hard around their households. Many of them, while they are tired, think that living in the city and working in an office is simply a paradise.

In summary, despite its lack of public transport, libraries etc and entertainments, the countryside still offers a healthy lifestyle in an attractive environment. Whether or not it appeals to you depends entirely upon your perception of quality of life.