Babe Ruth, an American professional baseball player, is
one of the most phenomenally gifted and popular players in the history of baseball. He was born in Baltimore, Maryland on February 6, 1895 with the name George Herman Ruth. He had many names. His names were Game’s Greatest Hero, Babe, (his most common nickname), George Herman Ruth, and George Herman Shaw. Everybody calls him Babe Ruth.
Babe had seven brothers and seven sisters. He stole from stores, he skipped school, and he chewed tobacco at age 7. His father often had beaten him because he was incorrigible. Babe’s father was a saloonkeeper. Babe was incorrigible so he was sent to an orphanage.

Babe was educated at Saint Mary’s Industrial School. He drank in the orphanage with his friends. In 1913, Babe was playing baseball with kids older than he was.

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He began his career in 1914 as a left-handed pitcher for Baltimore’s team of the International League. Later, in the same year he played for the Providence team and the International League. He then became a member of the Boston Red Sox in the American League. Babe pitched for Boston until the 1919 season, when his unusual ability as a batter and a fielder caused the Boston management to convert him into an outfielder. From 1920 to 1935 he played the outfield for the New York Yankees of the American League. In the1932 World Series Babe pointed his bat in the outfield and hit a home run.

In 1935, he became vice president of the Boston Braves in the National League and played numerous games as an outfielder. Babe was getting paid more than the president of the Boston Braves was. Three years later he was a coach for the Brooklyn Dodgers in the National League.

Babe was one of the best left-handed pitchers the game has ever
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known. He played in 163 games as a pitcher, winning 92 and losing 44,
for a percentage of 67.6. From 1919 to the end of his career he was the outstanding outfielder of his time and one of the best in baseball history. He was particularly noted as a home run hitter. In 1927 he hit 60 home runs in 154 games, a major league record that stood until 1961, when Roger Maris, another American League player, hit 61 home runs in expanded 162-game season. Babe led the American League in home runs in ten seasons and tied for the home-run hitting championship in two seasons. His lifetime batting average of .342. He was elected to the Baseball hall of fame in 1936.

Babe retired in 1935 to coach the Braves. Babe loved children and he still kept smoking and chewing tobacco. Babe died in 1948 of throat cancer.

In conclusion, I think Babe Ruth was a great man. He seems like a hero to me. I was amazed how Babe got paid more than the president of the Boston Braves. If Babe didn’t smoke and chew tobacco, he
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would have lived longer, to help more people in need of help. All in all, Babe made many accomplishments throughout his life to be known throughout the world.

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