Author of the Odyssey = Woman?
Odysseus, the greatest epic hero out of all the others. He journey was told to many people. Which made into a story called The Odyssey by Homer. Homer is a very special name. It can't identify the author's sex. When we wonder who write this interesting story…The answer is no one knows. People started to question: " Can the author of the Odyssey be a woman?"

Woman authors always wanted what it was best for their female character. In the old timed, Greek stories like Odyssey itself for an example. The female characters were mostly described beautiful, smart, and powerful " in grace and presence. If you are of earth's inhabitants, how blest all your father, and your gentle mother blest all your kin." (Line # 475) expresses how Odysseus thinks about Nausicaa at the first time they met. To a female, a look is important but if their " looks" won't make a good impression to male. Then it would be pointless to have great looks. However, women were also described evil sometimes "I have been detained long by Calypso. Loveliest among goddesses, who held me in her smooth caves." (Line # 657-659) reveals to Odysseus, he was with Calypso for five years. Calypso detained Odysseus because Odysseus needed to save his worriers and she had put a spell on him. Odysseus was first thought she is evil but later she did let Odysseus go and teach him the way to go back home. Even though woman can be selfish and evil. But there always will be a good side of their heart inside. Only women understand how other women feel.

Back in those days, how much does man know about household works? Only women know about how to do laundry, cooking and weaving. Male were always the kings of the house. They didn't understand how hard it was for woman to do laundry, cook, weaving and take care of kids. The story had mentioned about weaving " she had her great loom standing in the hall and the fine warp of some vast fabric on it" (Line # 97-98) described how Penelope, Odysseus 's wife did her weaving. When actually she was playing tricks on the suitors. By their knowledge of weaving. They didn't know how it is suppose to be done. Three years, this is how long it took Penelope to work on the shroud. The shroud would never be finish until Odysseus comes back home. On the other hand, Nausicaa had also did something like Penelope " I must take our things and get them washed at the river pools."(Line # 386) Accentuates Nausicaa told her father that she must take the clothes to wash. Which the main point is to go to the river pools and sees if there is a man waiting for her. Trick was played to her father. Nausicaa and Penelope were both doing household work. Men don't understand anything about household works. They can easily play tricks on them. Since this story was written in a long time. There are a lot of possibilities for the author is a woman.

In the Odyssey, there were touching moments which male author would never put in their stories. Women are more touching and more caring about anything. They thought about everyone could feel down sometimes, that included Odysseus himself. Even though Odysseus was told as a great epic hero. People must think he is brave, strong, and powerful. No one can believe he would do something like this " as a thousand times before, and racked his own heart groaning, with eyes wet scanning this bare horizon of the sea"(Line # 282-284) described Odysseus was sad and depressed about his journey. Or, one can say he was homesick. The only way to express his feelings is to cry. This is not a very " manly" thing for a hero like Odysseus. Beside, it is kind of girly to cry. But once in everyone's life there most but time that make u feel down. There is nothing wrong of crying. There are so many touching moments in the story. It make me realized the author might be a woman. Man can never think of something like "He knew he heard