Author: Mildred D. Taylor

Title: Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry

Main Characters: Cassie, Stacey, Christopher ĖJohn, Little Man, Papa, Ma, and Big Ma

In the book of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry there was a black family living on their 400 acres of land of a cotton plantation in Jacksonville. The head of the family was Papa Logan, his wife Ma, and Big Ma. They had four children by the names of Stacey (boy), Cassie, and Christopher Ė John and Little Man. Little Man was very meticulously about his clothes and the way he looked. Every time dust got on Little Man shoes he would clean it off. In Jacksonville, Mississippi the road wasnít pave but it was like a country road with a lot of black dirt.
On the second week of school Little Man was getting g troublesome being rude to the teacher. The teacher was handed out books that when she called his name to get his book he got it but he slammed the book down on the desk. While he was grumbling the teacher heard him and asks him what did you say and he told her that he doesnít want that book because it is too filthy and dirty. Then the teacher said Clayton Chester you should be proud to have these books and happy that the government is giving us these books. Little got mad and furious cause no one ever calls him that unless they mean business. A man by the name of Mr. Morrison was a good friend of the family and was there whenever they needed him. Mr. Granger their neighbor stole their land and sold it but when people say revenge is not sweet it is as honey. Stacey and his family went to Strawberry County where he saw a gun in the mercantile store him and Jeremy stole the gun without getting caught. At the same tine Cassie and Lillian Jean were rowing because Lillian said that niggas arenít suppose to walk on the sidewalk itís for whites only so Cassie push her into the road where she almost got knock but her leg was sprained. After all this the family got what was rightfully theirs.
My personal reaction to this story that I was so happy when Cassie and Lillian Jean was fighting each other because Lillian Jean hated Cassie and the Logan family because was white and they were black. Cassie slapped Lillian Jean because she called them a nigga but the funny part about it was when her faced got shoved in the mud and she went home crying. The saddest pat about the story was when the white people in Jacksonville burned down their cotton plantation. The best part in the story was when his best friend Jeremy caused Stacey to got beaten from his mother after thieving the answer key for their examination where he was being pressure.
I thought that their house was going to burn down and I also thought that the old man was going to beat the children where the poem said:
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Over the water, by and by
Old man comin down the line
Whip in hand to beat me down
But I ainít gonna let him
Turn me around.
I also thought that Stacey was going to get locked up and that Papa Logan and Mr. Morris was going to die after trying to fight for their land.
I learned that being rich isnít going to get anyone anywhere having a selfish attitude, being prejudice and thinking very highly of yourself. I also learned that being poor, having respect, pride and having a lot of love and faith can make anything possible in your heart and mind. This book can change the life of others by helping them not to hold grudge in your heart, respect each others property and not to be prejudice of black and white people because the is not such people of the color white.
And that God has made everyone in his or her own image to his likeness.
Yes, I would recommend this material to anyone cause it helps us how to live with one another and living as cat and dogs. This material is awesome, interesting; sophisticated to meet youíre every need. When your done reading