Increased technological advancements in communication technology has improved Australias ability to communicate with the outside world. This Increase In communication technology has led Australia to intergrate further into the global economy For example The free trade agreement between Australia and America and there has also been a huge increase in investment between Australian firms and overseas firms. Acculturation which is a a merging of cultures as a result of prolonged contact has also increased betwen Australia and other cultures as communication technology has increased, for example American movies and tv that have come into Australia which we have accepted for many years and we have addapted to some of their cultural traits, we have hundreads of overseas movies being released in Australia every year where Australia can learn about diffferent cultures through watching some of these movies .Technology has also influenced our ways of communication through mobile phones every mobile company is now comeing up with new ideas and lower rates so that people will choose to be with their company, mobile rates keep getting lower and mobile phones are becomeing cheaper. they are comeing out with new mobile phone models constantly you can take pictures, video images and even go on the internet with the mobiles out now,they have also come out with text messages where people can write messages to people from Australia or even on the other side of the world, this has drasticlly influenced our ability to communicate so now that everywhere we go someone can contact us, there is also the internet which has impacted on us socially, now insted of meeting up with our friends we can chat online using email , msn messenger ,yahoo messenger or aol these you can all get for free you just need to download them, there are thousands of ways to chat on the internet you can go onto international chat rooms and meet people from different cultures, the internet is easy for everyone to acces you have access in any language. you can learn about different cultures through websites or by meeting people online , Australia has become more culturally transmisive through the internet. Also the telephone has incresed technological advancments because if you dont have a mobile you have a landline you can call people oversease and they can call you, you can call mobiles and homes, they are also comeing out with different rates and deals and now it keeps getting cheaper to call oversease.

Most people have access to all these things there are payphones on the steet where you can call a landline for 45 cents you can now even send text messages from payphones for 25cents, there are internet cafes where u can go on the internt , there are librarys and video shops where you can rent videos.

because of the increase in technological Advancments australia has become updated and is becomeing closer to more oversease country\'s.