Attention Getter:

The date: October 1969

The time: 7:15 PM, EST

The place: Leary, Georgia

The setting: A dark, starlit sky but not for long… lasting ten to twelve min., at times as bright as the moon, an unidentified flying object hurtled across the sky

…A UFO piloted by aliens?
Or just the ravings of an over-imaginative human mind?

…This was an actual report filed with NICAP (National Investigations Committee on Aerial Phenomenon)…by former President Jimmy Carter!

I wanted to talk to you about Aliens, the power behind the UFO’s, because I find it to be an interesting topic. The report I just read shows that close encounters with aliens can happen to anyone

…Listen to what I have to say, keep an open mind and make your own decisions…

In the next few mins. I will tell you about Alien Abductions and Sightings, some ideas related to Area 51, and some Theories people have about Aliens.

Main Idea
#1 Sightings and abductions:

There have been thousands of sightings reported from many areas around the world. Some of them hoaxes others very convincing but still unexplained.

 Probably the best known is the Roswell incident where a UFO apparently crashed to the ground. Rumors say that the two aliens on board subsequently died. There is a video available showing what appears to be an autopsy of one of the aliens. Experts say that if the film was a fake it was very, very convincing.

People have also reported being abducted by aliens. Research data shows that abductions often occur to more than one family member. Sometimes the victims remember their abduction in full detail, others only under hypnosis. The abductions can last just an instance or several hours. Aliens have been known to leave marks on the humans that they have abducted.

#2 Area51: Mark W.

Now onto the controversy of Area 51 the high security military area at Groom Lake in Nevada. Many people believe that the US government carried out secret activities on Aliens and UFOs at the facility. Civilian reports of UFOs flying at high speeds were denied by the base. They say that the UFOs people thought they saw were actually secret test flights on new plane designs. Area 51 is no longer in use. It is assumed that the government has moved the base to another unknown location.

#3 Theories:
Finally some theories that people have about Aliens:
1 The first question often asked is how do they get here?
 Some believe that they travel in very advanced spaceships capable of flying faster than the speed of light speed and even through different dimensions.
2 How do we know if the government is telling us truth or just trying to cover up something it doesn’t want us to know about?
 Some sources say the government knows that the Aliens have an evil plan and we are better off not knowing
 others think its because they don’t know the truth themselves so they deny everything.
3 My third and final question is why do they come here?
 Again, there are many different opinions; some think it’s because of curiosity or to find minerals not found on their home planet.
 Others think it’s to warn or protect us from the future of our planet Earth.
 Some also believe that they are doing genetic experiments on animals and humans to better understand our civilization.

During my speech I have talked about human abductions and sightings, Area 51 at Groom Lake and some Theories about aliens. Is all this fact or fiction? Until the government admits their existence or there is more concrete evidence I think people will either remain very skeptical that they exist or not. With governments constantly denying reports, people often become more suspicious. Whatever your opinion I hope you liked my speech.

I leave you with the following quote from Admiral Bobby Ray Inman, who worked in many high-ranking government positions, “Extra- terrestrial vehicles have been in possession of the government for over ten years”. Think about this: If they have had these extra-terrestrial vehicles for over ten years why hasn’t the government told us about them and furthermore what happened to the aliens?