At Photograph A-B-C we are committed to providing a quality product that meets the needs of our customers. We will maintain high standards of integrity, honesty, and trust while providing a safe and supportive environment.

1. Photography as a science and an art is worthy of the very best thought and effort of those who enter into it as a profession. Ex: Responsibility for self- Obtains training, education, and experience to assure competent service.

2. It is our duty to encourage and assist all members of our profession so that the quality of photography may be raised to higher standards. Ex: Recognizes and respects the expectation of the clients.

3. Does not participate in practices that are disrespectful, degrading, or physically harmful to a client. Ex: Treats colleagues and clients with respects, courtesy, and fairness.

4. Recognizes that professional responsibility is to the client for the client's best interest. Ex: Maintains high standards of professional conduct.

5. Ensures that the boundaries between professional and personal relationships with clients or employees is explicitly understood and respected. Ex: Sexual intimacy with a client, or the family member of a client, is unethical.

6. Relates to the clients of colleagues with professional consideration. Ex: Respects the commitments made to the employer organization.

7. Responsibility to the client. Ex: Recognizes, respects, and advocates for the right of the client.

8. Responsibility to the profession. Ex: Reports ethical violations to appropriate persons when an informal resolution is not appropriate.

9. Recognizes that there are differences in the needs of clients. Ex: Meet's each client's need on an individual basis.

10. Maintains physical and emotional well being. Ex: Aware of own values and their implication for practice.