Astrology Report
When one understands how the universe affects them, they can begin to understand their own internal universe of subtle energies which affects them. When one learns to develop this inner universe, they can gradually be freed of dependence on the outer. The ultimate purpose of astrology is to help a person to understand that they can develop themselves inwardly, so as to filter out the harmful influences, and make the best use of the beneficial ones. If the human race knew and understood astrology, the world would simply be a happier place to live.
The average human being cannot define the word astrology. Most look at a newspaper or a magazine every now and then to read their daily horoscope, which uses their sun sign, but they do not actually understand from where the horoscope actually derives. The definition of astrology is "the study of the planets and stars." It may seem almost unbelievable that an astrologer can look at the cycle of planets and tell what will happen in ones life. But, the cycles of the planets and those of the human race are remarkably similar. In identifying and studying the cycles, one can understand and organize the events in their life.
Astrology is a study of heavenly cycles and cosmic
events as they are reflected in our earthly environ-
ment. The movements and cycles of the planets form a huge cosmic clock that ticks off the time and events, past,
present, and future. The cosmic patterns revealed in the rhythmic motions of the planets help shed light on the
seemingly helter skelter of the everyday life. It is easy to loose
track of our direction in life due to the commotion of daily
living. However, by studying astrology,
we have a tool to give us better control and to see the
order of things in what appears to be disorder at times. (Hewitt 4)

The human race is not exactly what one would call well established. Everyone has problems, and sometimes people just do not know how to deal with them. But with the help of astrology, one can discover who they are and why they are who they are in order to get through situations in their life. Once a person can understand how or why a cycle repeats itself, and how that cycles works, one is able to get the most out of that cycle. By studying a planet at one moment, an astrologer can tell what has happened on earth. An astrologer can tell what has happened on earth in a single moment by studying the planets, and vice versa.
Living creatures are affected by magnetism of many kinds. "Human behavior is often more erratic when the moon is full, as has been revealed by various studies of criminal and mental hospital records." (Kriyananda 17) This quote shows that humans can indeed be affected by the moon and its state, so the state of a planet, therefore, should also affect creatures on earth. The planets affect man, not personally and deliberately, however. For example, some become gloomy and depressed when it rains, and others exhilarated. One person may become more peaceful, while another may find themselves nervous and uneasy. The condition is similar in almost all cases, but the human responses differ greatly.
Each planet is a psychological archetype that says something about the inner you. Signs indicate what role the planets will play and characterize the type of activity. The heavens do not affect the Earth, they have a connection with the earth. There is no cause in the heavens followed by an effect on Earth. Both planetary and earthly events happen simultaneously and are mutually reflective. Neither is the cause of the other; both are the product of the moment, one acted out in the heavens above, the other here on the Earth below.
Astrology is a superior tool for conscious insight into motivation, programming, and past decisions. Minute by minute, and year by year, we make decisions that allow us to act, and to react to the adventures we create in our lives. Human behavior can be examined through astrology, and it is amazing how far it can go.
Astrology can enable us to analyze our past, present, and future choices. It can trigger insights that allow us to examine our unconscious decisions. It also