As we know, the United States is a developed nation. It has many colleges such as large ones, small ones for both four- year and two- year. The amount of colleges in the United States is more than any nation on the world, and it is a great advantage for Americans who want to enroll in college. They have many chances to choose for colleges that are good for them. To choose a right school is important for students’ success at college, so they have to understand different advantages and disadvantages of colleges.
The two- year and four- year colleges both have different programs, but they have the same goal. First, both of colleges are places that provide the skill for careers for their graduates. During the time at college, students have to take programs to improve their careers. After they have a college diploma, they can look for a good job. Their incomes will be higher than incomes of who only have high school diploma or less. They may have an income about $ 35, 000 or over a four- year diploma and at least $ 25, 000 for a two- year diploma. When they have a good job, they are able to make a comfortable life.
Second, the knowledge in college can make them become good people in family and society. They can help their children do the homework and teach their children new lessons in the modern age. They also teach their children to understand good things and opportunities in society. In addition, they can encourage their children and relatives to go to college because they can tell their children and relatives that “ Do as I do.”
Although the four- year and two- year colleges both have the same advantages that provide college students the knowledge in society and good conditions to look for a good job in the future. Both of colleges have different advantages and disadvantages. In recent society, many highly paid jobs require higher knowledge and broader. As we know a four- year college is higher than a two- year college, so a four- year college graduates will have a better job. This is the reason why many people want to select the four- year college, but they have to spend much time and money. It is very hard for people who are old or lack finance and the time to pursue a four- year college. On the other hand, a two- year college graduate may still find it hard to look for a good job. However, the two- year college is appropriate for peopple who do not have time and enough money to go to a four- year college. As a result of this economic fact of life, over seventy percent of the two- year college students are old people, new immigrants, or partime employees.
In addition, the small and large colleges have different advantages and disadvantages. First, the large college has experienced teachers, quality programs, and good organizations. These are good chances for students having better qualities, but the large colleges are too high in tuition forn many students. With such high tuition, some sudents are not able to pay their tuition at the large colleges. Although the small colleges have limited qualities, these colleges are appropriate for poor students. Next, students are required higher average grades at many large colleges; however, there are some high schoolers are not able to pursue programs at the large college. Therefore, they should choose the small college as the first step in order to achieve higher programs. In fact, some students cannot continue their studies at the large college, so they switch to the small college.
Advantages and disadvantages between colleges are really an important factor for students to choose a school that is good for them. The more knowledge about colleges that students have before they enter the more success will be theirs in college.