As the story starts, we see a dark, intimidating view of the future that Orwell though would take place in 1984. The first part of the story shows Winston, the main character in the book, has bought a diary, which is very dangerous: he commits thoughtcrime with doing such a thing. Winston has thoughts that are not allowed in the society of 1984. Having such thoughts means committing thoughtcrime. Although Winston knows he will be punished for that, he wants to write down his thoughts. After this, Winston goes to work. His job is to correct the history in a way that the Party's predictions are always right. The Party is a group in society that has all the power. At work, there are that daily Two Minutes Hate, that are meant to make people hate the enemies of their country. During these Two Minutes, Winston's eyes meet O'Brien's. Because of this, Winston thinks O'Brien has the same thoughts. While he's walking through the corridor, Winston sees a dark haired girl and he thinks she is a member of the Thought Police. Winston thinks when there is hope, it is in the proles. These people must have knowledge of the past, that is nnot falsified. Because of this, Winston goes to the ghetto and tries to find out some fact by interviewing an old man, but it has no result. He also buys coral in glass in Charrington's store. Charrington shows him a room without
Telescreen. People can be seen everywhere except in this room. As Winston leaves the shop, he sees
the dark haired girl again. Winston would prefer to kill her. At night Winston dreams of O'Brien,
saying: We shall meet in the place where there is no darkness. Winston meets the dark haired girl
again in the corridor and he helps her when she falls. She succeeds in giving him a note, which said
that she was in love with him. Winston tries to make contact again with her, but this is very difficult
without being noticed. At last he succeeds to meet her outside the city. She is called Julia. The make
love together. Julia and Winston meet each other many times after that day, although they have to be
careful not to be seen. They decide to rent Charrington's room, so they could meet each other without
being noticed. O'Brien invites Winston to come to his home, so called to get the Newspeak dictionary.
Winston knows O'Brien has other plans and decides to take Julia with him. O'Brien tells him about the
Brotherhood, an organization which want to overthrow the government. He promises to do almost
everything to overthrow the government. Winston will receive The Book, a book written by the leader
of the Brotherhood, Goldstein. After reading this book, Winston will be a member of the Brotherhood.
Winston and Julia read The Book, but they are caught by the Thought Police. It seems that they have
been betrayed by Charrington. In the beginning Winston is tortured very heavily. Winston confesses
almost everything, but he doesn't betray Julia. Winston notices the presence of O'Brien. O'Brien starts
to brainwash Winston. After the brainwash Winston is a complete different person. In the conversations between Winston and O'Brien the power of the Party is often the subject. Winston doesn't understand for what purpose this power is used. Winston still hates Big Brother and O’Brien knows that. He takes Winston to room 101, the room with the worst things of the world. For Winston this is rats. When he is threatened with these animals Winston says: Don't do this to me, do this to Julia". This is the first time that he betrayed Julia. When Winston meets Julia at the end they are both brainwashed and they are both ashamed that they betrayed each other. When Winston is sitting in the Chestnut Tree Cafe, a bulletin appears on the Telescreen. It announces that Oceania has won an important battle in the war. Now Oceania controls entire Africa. Something changes in Winston, now he completely normal. His brainwash is completed, and to such a full extent that he actually believes that 2 + 2 = 5! As he walks down the white tiled corridor and gets shot, he bursts into tears and confesses his love for Big Brother.