As I see her walk in from lunch her brunet hair bounces and she cracks a wide grin that stretches from ear to ear. Her entire body is a perfect picture of bouncing joy. I first notice her lips as she begins to talk about her day. My eyes gaze down a little from her eyes and notice her sanguine cheeks that look as if she has just come from out side. And as she begins to tell me how I should have come with her I notice an interesting aroma on her breath and about her. It is an aroma that I remember from somewhere, but I can't seem to put a pin on it at first. Then it all comes flooding back into my brain, the memories of parties and small huddles on back porches. They say you can get pulled over for three flicks of a lighter from the back of a car, and this is probably for good reason.
I now turn my attention back to her and the unique odor piques my senses. I ask her if she had been a "naughty girl" at lunch. She blushes which adds to the sanguiness of her lips and cheeks and as she begins to giggle, holding in her secret for just a few more seconds, I notice how her whole body seems to bounce much like her hair as she laughs and stumbles into a locker. I help her steady her self and she continues to stagger a bit kind of like a baby fawn.
With one hand on her arm and the other around her waist I help her to stand so she can get her balance and realize how firm her abs are, my hand pauses on her waist for I seem to enjoy it's current placement. She gets her balance and starts to tell me of her lunch hour once again. This time giggling much more frequently and each time her whole body bounces with a Saint Nic sort of poise. And as the jelly her abs of steel seem to morph into each time she laughs bounce up and down it makes me snicker with delight as she tells me how when Kimber got out of the car she slipped and fell flat on her rear.
I soon find my self becoming lost in her deep green eyes as she talks and find my self starring quite comfortably in to them. The inner blackness of her pupil gives way to a deep green ring that seemed to lock my eye into place. As my eye rests snugly on the same plane as hers I realize this funny warm feeling growing in my self and soon my face begins to become a reflection of hers, with ruby red cheeks and a smile that I'm sure stretched from ear to ear.
I look deeper into her eyes and notice a ring of yellow that seems to envelop your own eye into the ring of deep green and as my eye excapes the ring of yellow, I realize a lighter ring of green lies beyond it soon giving way to the white expanse that is very blood shot at this point. My eye drifted back to the inner caverns of her eye where mine were most comfortable and rested.
Then as the warning bell rang she turned her head that held the bouncy hair which of course playfully bounced from the movement of her head. As her hair bounded out of the way my eye came upon her ear. It seemed smaller than most and reminded me of the ears of elves so tiny with a bit of a crease near the top. She had no pearcing in her ear, which seemed strange to me since most girls her age had at least one pearcing if not four or five.
My eyes continued down from her head to her neck that seemed normal except for a small birthmark or freckle that seemed to tickle the fancy of my eye and further examination led me to belief that it appeared to look like an old snowmobile from the fourtys. The second warning bell rang and she said she