As I awake from a restless slumber,I glance out of our mobile home and observe the sun rising over Road Atlanta Raceway in Braselton Georgia.This is a invitation only motorcycle race for the top amateurs in the country.I was one of five amateurs selected from the South Central Region to take part in this event.
Road Atlanta is a daunting roadcourse with elevation changes,hairpin turns and high speed straight-aways.It is different from any course Ive ever competed on.Most of the tracks in Texas are small and narrow this course is long and wide.I ride a 400cc Yamaha,and they tell me we will be reaching well over 100 MPH on the straight-aways and even faster on the downhill portions of the course.This doesn't bother me,because I know I am better than my anyone and Im willing to prove it 100MPH or not.
Qualifying for my class begins a half hour late,as I begin to take the green flag for my first qualifying lap my pulse races as I await the green flag.I tuck in close behind the windscreenas I approach the flagman.The green flag drops and I race into the first corner.What happened in the next corner I dont exactly remember,I found myself violently rolling on the pavement,after what seemed like eternity I stopped rolling and attempted to stand up.This was not possible because my right leg was not operating,I have never broken a bone before but I knew this was it.
As I lay in that Georgia clay gripping from pain,I think back over the past 10 years Ive been racing motorcycles.I started when I was six,racing Flatrack and motorcross around the Dallas area.At the age of eight I won the 80cc National championship race In Peoria Illinois that same year I was crowned 80cc Southern States champion.When I was 10 I was outriding grown men and winning local races.At the age of 15 I was National Champion again this time on a 125cc Dirtbike before making the switch to roadracing.I was a instant success,winning 8 out of 10 races my first year and thus receiving the invitation to race here in Georgia.
The paramedics arrive on the scene and I am transported to a small hospital in Braselton.After losing 4 pints of blood and going through a 4 hour surgery I lay in Intensive care.At the time of the accident I wasn't aware of how badly I was injured,I suffered a broken femur and a cracked pelvis in addition to the bumps and bruises I was normally accustomed to.Rehabilitation was just as painful as the accident.I left the hospital and boarded a plane in a wheelchair.I was unable to walk for around 2 months due to complications with my hip.My time was spent in a wheelchair.My mother took a leave of absence from her job to take care of me.I didn't leave the house much in those 2 months,it took my mother and father to get me down the front steps so leaving was a task. On the occasionally journeys to the mall,I found myself watching people walking around,I realized how lucky they are and how lucky I was that I someday would walk again.Life in the confines of a wheelchair is not pleasant,and I can relate to the disabled and their problems.I learned you cant take anything for granted,we are not promised another day,life can change in a moment.