Some creative projects can drive you up the wall. It is an article in English magazine. It is very nice to have a talent of creativity, some people have this talent and you recognize that through there life style and from every things they do you can tell that they are a creative people. Creative is the idea of refreshing your mind and come up with something very nice to life.

Khara Mcfadden a creative girl she is 16 years old. She spent months mixing colors and painting on her room’s wall to create a lavender sky, a fantastic 3-D designs. She puts a lot of efforts to present her work in a magnificent way. This is a school projects and her teacher wants some photographs of her finished work after the Christmas vacation. So Khara Mcfadden, spent that vacation doing a wonderful home work and relaxing for a while. She says the sunny scenes keep her sprits up in her rainy hometown of Bellingham, Washington. Even when the work was finished she didn’t stop, she wants to add some stuff but her room is small and that didn’t give her a space for more painting so she brought some dried rose and she put some at the wall next to her bed. Khara Mcfadden’s family was very proud of her that they have such artist like her. Moreover, she’s planning to redo her family’s basement. She hopes this skill of creativity keeps her soul younger. Khara Mcfadden gets for this project 60 out of 60 really she deserved for that hard and beautiful work. Also the teacher gave her extra credit for effort.

I was surprised of seeing a girl on 16 years old who do these Pease of art. I like the article and the idea of the project. Because such of these projects can discover many creative things in people, or can develop a talent. This kind of projects deal with the soul and sense, it means what ever come in your mind brings it out to life. Also what you feel it may create a wonderful art. Khara Mcfadden’s teacher supports her very much, because an idea born in the teacher mind, Khara Mcfadden drowns this lovely art in her room. That means that the teachers have a good influence on there students. Many creative people were came to the artist world under there teacher’s hand.

A fantastic work is representing the person himself. I really admire on this girl and how she could change her bedroom to such magnificent art. I can see how Khara Mcfadden was accurate in her work. That obvious on the way she colored her room and how she paints each wall. She is simple and quite girl and you can see that from the colors she choused. The colors were green, brown and beige. Also she drowse nature and that could be a symbol of her pure soul. When you enter her room you will feel that you are in a little garden. Even that her room was not big enough to extend her dream, she did as much as she could to make it as complete work. Her spirit is full of hopeful things and her dreams never stop on particular limit. When you will look to Khara Mcfadden face you will understand why I am saying that about her.

Khara Mcfadden is a creative girl that she could change her room to colorful life and deserved a full mark for her wonderful project.

I really want to be like her on day. If I wear her I will participate in painting shows or I will put my works in a website. Creative can do miracles.

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