Are Women Smarter than Men?

Are women smarter than men? If this question is answered from a woman’s perspective, her answer will be; women of course. If this question is answered from a man’s perspective however, his answer will be the opposite of that of women. However, the only reason why women are smarter than man is just that women tend and like to question everything and find out what is going on, why is it happening, who is involved, etc. Women are likely to process extensively, but men tend to rely on mental shortcuts. Females are known for the responsibilities they hold and how they are better at organizers than men. Additionally, women are able of expressing their emotions and feelings more freely than males.

When it comes to thinking, women tend to be intuitive global thinkers. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, women like to find out and question everything. For example, when a lady goes to a store to buy a purse, she will be asking about the quality of the purse, what material was used to make the purse and all these kind of questions. Asking all these kind of questions make women think more and more in details, allowing their knowledge to expand. While men, go to buy a pair of pants only asking for the size they want. More over, females tend to think twice before taking any actions; by thinking twice women are mentally exposed to both what is wrong and what is right. This gives other options of handling a situation or taking a certain action. Also, women have positive mentality and attitude, they also tend to understand and sort things out better than men do. What do positive mentality; attitude and better understanding have to do with solving problems? Unlike men, women tend to have better understanding than men, this allows them to use wiser and better ways to sort things out and solve problems other than just use violence as an answer.

Unlike men, women are more responsible and better at organizing things than men are. Women are more than just being wives to their husbands. All the duties that a woman has to be responsible for and be in charge of include being a wife, a housekeeper, a mother, and a worker. With all these duties that women hold, they are known to be more organized than men. Being a housekeeper a mother and a worker requires a lot of organization and time management. Housekeeping might sound like an easy job to do, but it is not. Preparing 3 or more meals a day, washing the dishes, cleaning the entire house, washing cloths is just enough for one day. Taking care of children is something else that a woman does everyday. All this, and women are still able to work and help in serving the society. This is what makes women smarter than men and are better at holding responsibilities.

Why are women more emotional than men? The answer is not because women have more emotions than men do. The reason is that women are more expressive than men, which makes them healthier too. How does being an expressive female make a woman smarter? Being expressive not only makes a female smarter, but mentally healthier as well. How? A woman with a combination of male and female characteristics in her personality tends to be a flexible individual. Women can be assertive, rational and competitive when they need to be, but they can also be expressive and compassionate when necessary. Unlike women, men think that if you express yourself emotionally, it is considered being a “sissy”. Even in today’s society men still think inappropriate to cry or express emotional feelings on certain occasions. Men try to avoid showing their feelings to make themselves look more masculine, and prove they are stronger than women. Clearly, both vitality and intelligence are to blame for the difference in the emotions of both genders.

Overall, women are smarter than men in mentality, attitude and responsibility. Many women also have a better sense of organization than men do. The counterpart of the women has a big impact on the society. They are the mothers, caretakers to the children, and wives to their husbands. They