Are there different kinds of freedom? Does freedom have a more basic meaning than the political definition of freedom?

English II Honors


10 March 2003

I, William Golding, Dr. Adler, and Einstein all agree that there are different kinds of freedoms. Not only that, but we all embrace the fact that freedom has a more basic than the political definition of freedom. You are born free no matter what, you want to achieve sheer happiness or pride, and people go about doing the same thing different ways. For these reasons, we believe in what we think.

People are treated much more differently when they are on the streets than when they are in school or in any other building that provides security. Political freedom has a more complex definition than freedom itself in the sense that it takes into account every person as equals. There is nothing wrong with that, but some people have to realize that not everyone is the same. To one man freedom may be being his own person, while to another man it might me to get out of his cell.