In the dictionary “liberty” is defined as “the right to act or believe as one chooses.” In that same dictionary “order” is described as “a condition in which freedom from disorder is maintained through established authority.”(Encarta Encylopedia, 1998) When these two definitions are compared and an incident occurs like the attack on demonstrators by police in New York City’s Central Park the question “Are liberty and order at odds?” is answered simply by yes. There is entirely too much order in the United States of America than promised the citizens by the United States Constitution.

1. As liberty is defined, the amount of order in this country is out of hand. The constitution did not contemplate setting any limit on our harmless activities. “If we are willing to set a number upon our liberties, then we are without liberty.”(Cunningham, 1986) The Ninth Amendment makes this point quite clear. “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”(Cunningham, 1986) If the citizens of the United States are willing to set a number on the liberties then we will become slaves in our own country. This country has been suppressing the liberties of people through their thwarting of protests and demonstrations that supposedly “posed a threat” to the public. This suppression has been a violation of the liberties of the people and is making the American people slaves of the government.

2. Not only do people have the liberty to be kind to others, but also unfortunately they have the liberty to hate. “One of the hallmarks of a totalitarian society is the imprisonment of individuals for their ideas.”(Huxtable, 1998) In a free and just society, if you commit a crime, you are punished for that act, not for the idea which motivated the act. Hate Crime legislation is possibly one of the most contradictory of ideas to the liberties of the citizens. Under hate crime laws criminals are assessed enhanced sentences for their ideas, such as a racist or bad idea. Forget about racism’s terrible nature think only of the message being sent by hate-crime legislation, you are to be punished, imprisoned for holding a certain idea..(Huxtable, 1998) The precedent that hate is a crime is simply not true. In a free society, hate is not a crime. There is only one restriction, that no force is initiated against another. If hate is a crime then soon all journalists and any free-minded person will be hauled off to jail and punished for any views that the government does not agree with, in other words a communist government.(Huxtable, 1998)
3. Abortion is one area in which there is not too much order. The whole debate over abortion could all be ended if politicians would read one document, the Constitution. The constitution specifically states that the liberties entitles to a person may in no way violate the liberties of another, well I think that murder of a baby is definitely a violation of somebody’s liberties. So completely denying the right to an abortion would be completely constitutional and the only way to democratically resolve the issue. If a person was treated how a baby is treated during an abortion would it be considered a right of the person performing the act or should that act be illegal?(“Abortion”, 1996”) That decision should be easily made.
4. Schools censorship of both books and the internet are blatant examples of too much order limiting our liberties as citizens. Any censorship is simply unconstitutional therefore it limits the liberties of the people. Anything that does not initiate force toward another is at our liberty to view. But the government is trying to slowly take this liberty away by censoring books and internet access. This not only inhibits the learning process but also is an extreme waste of money, much needed money that could be going to fund other suitable school activities.(Heisel, 1998) Some school systems are simply putting filters that are intended to clean the internet of all “offensive” but constitutionally sound material, these filters are like a communist newspaper, whatever the government doesn’t like is filtered out. The power that they are given with these filters is scary.
5. Clinton’s affair