"Are all men created equal?" is the question that this article asked, but did not answer. This group of articles that was given to me had some very good points, but I do not feel that he answered any of the Questions that he asked. Stanley fish starts the article with Supreme Court cases they look good but I did not think that he talked about them enough for me to even acknowledge that they existed. Stanley Fish quotes George Bush on "Zionism" but then implies that George Bush does not see the history just sees today (even though George Bush quotes on how history is going to repeat itself). Fish also mentions slavery as though it is the fault of today's white man. Fish does not mention any other minority, which I find as being totally biased. Fish talks about the SAT test as though it does not grade a person's intelligence. He writes about "why me?" When do I get the chance? Why do I have to be bumped to the end of the list because I am white? I have found this article to be contradictory. Why is it if everyone is equal do we need affirmative action?
Fish writes in his first sentence that, "All men are created equal." Which everyone knows is in the Declaration of Independence. He also writes that a French social philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville did not perceive this as including women, blacks, Native Americans, or other social races; so in actuality it is "equality of condition" not "All men are created equal."
Fish brings up the case REGENTS OF THE UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA VS ALLAN BAKKE (1978). Which is a case concerning a white male trying to get into
University of California has been wrongly excluded in favor of a less qualified black applicant. Fish writes that affirmative action is necessary for admittance in schools but as long as there is not a "quota." I personally feel that there is no need for any means of affirmative action. When segregation was abolished I could see why we needed affirmative action, so that everyone could get used to seeing black people in there place of work, but now we are all given the same opportunities as everyone else.
George Bush (former president of the United States) addresses the United Nations on September 23,1991. "Zionism…is the idea that led to the creation of a home for the Jewish people… And to equate Zionism with the intolerable sin of racism is to twist history and forget the plight of the Jews in WWII and indeed throughout history." What happened in WWII, six million Jews were exterminated by people that regarded them as racially inferior and a danger to the Aryan purity. In other words it is likely that if we keep affirmative action history may repeat itself. George Bush believes that affirmative racism is the same thing as reverse racism. Why put the white man through the same thing the black man went through 50 years ago? (Especially when the people that are benefiting from affirmative action were not even alive then). When does two wrongs make a right? Fish writes "But two wrongs don't make a right; if it is wrong to treat blacks unfairly, it is wrong to give blacks preference thereby treat whites unfairly." Then goes on and says that if you are going to use the words unfairly then the two sides would have to be equal. "Blacks have not just been treated unfairly; they have been subjected first to decades of slavery, and then to decades of second class citizen ship' widespread legalized discrimination, economic persecution, educational deprivation, and cultural
stigmatization. They have been bought, sold, killed, beaten, raped, excluded, exploited, shamed, and scorned for a very long time."
Fish goes on to write that SAT scores reflect a persons economical situation. If that was the case then any one with money will get a 1400 or better (I don't think so. Why should I have to pay for someone else laziness? If a person wants to go to college he will study for the SAT way before he takes it, so his mind will be ready for it. He doesn't get a job so that he