APSS112 / APSS1A08 - Introduction to Sociology
2016-17- Semester one - Assignment (Sample)

Choose any ONE of the two questions overleaf and give a piece of
sociological analysis by using concepts covered in class. You should spend
300-400 words on the question you choose. This assignment makes up 20% of
your final grade in this subject.

(Sample Question)
Three people (A, B and C) were at the bus-stop which covered a wide range
of bus routes. These three passengers did not know each other and thus had
no idea which bus others were awaiting. There were a few yellow guiding
lines on the ground to help align passengers. Nonetheless, no one was
following the lines. A new passenger X arrived at the bus-stop and stood at
the front of the line for Route 104. Then another passenger Y arrived and
stood behind X. 30 seconds after Y arrived, C fell in line and stood behind
Y. A and B did the same and fell in line behind C.

At the end of the day, the queue is like this:

Give a sociological analysis on the behaviors of X, Y, A, B and C.


A possible line of thought is to give an analysis through the angle of
"socialization, deviance and social control". Thus, you might want to ask
questions such as: Why do people fall in line only when others start
forming queues? Why does one feel good when considered "nice" and
"civilized"? What punishment would one receive if one is cutting the line?

The response to these questions should be enough to form a piece of 300-400
words analysis. You need to use theories and concepts covered in class.
X -------- Y -------- C -------- A -------- B